Executive summary: When your Windows server is available and publicly visible on Internet, it is constantly assailed by hackers, network scanners and brute force robots who attempt to steal your identification in order to access your personal data or take the control of your machine. You need to install an anti-spyware to counter efficiently this threat. RDS-Tools is pleased to announce the worldwide availability of RDS-Knight, a 360° cyber security tool which includes a powerful Defender to keep threats away from your RDS servers.

Keep your RDS Connections under Protection

One of the oldest forms of automated attacks is the brute force attack, where password discovery is attempted by trying all combinations of letters and numbers to gain access to an account. Brute Force attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and efficient, now more often using databases of known users and passwords stolen from various systems. Any web application, consumer or enterprise, with a public web interface and user login is at risk for a brute force attempt.While volumetric limits can be set up to prevent a repetitive attack, attackers now spread attempts over hundreds of connections at a slow rate of speed to evade those limits.If your Windows server is publicly available on Internet, then there is a 100% probability that hackers, network scanners and brute force robots are trying to guess your Administrator login and password – as you read this. Using current logins and password dictionaries, they will automatically try to login to your server hundreds to thousands times every minute. Not only this is bad for your server’s security, but it can also consume a lot of its resources (CPU and bandwidth)!Furthermore, this risk is especially high when you are opening an RDS session : robots scan open ports and try to steal your identification in order to log in. Every minute, hundreds to thousands of combinations are automatically tested on your server by external IPs. To counter efficiently this threat, you need to install an anti-spyware.

Detect and Block Cyber Attacks with a Powerful Defender

Generally, there is a flaw in the Windows system security that allows malicious software to spy your connections. These various spyware on Internet are very dangerous for your server. Every time you connect, one or more of these potentially harmful software might get installed on your machine without your knowledge. This can happen when you load a webpage for example, or when you click an advertisement, a suspicious attachment in a mail, etc. Their purpose : to collect and transmit pieces of information about the environment where they run. It means, your computer, laptop, server, mobile, etc. Brute force attacks are typically carried out to discover log-in credentials and gain access to websites for the purposes of data theft, vandalism, or the distribution of malware, which in turn can be used to launch brute force, DDoS and various types of cyber attacks on other targets. Some of them are used as profilers to gather data for email targeting.Even without successfully penetrating an online property, brute force attacks can flood servers with traffic, resulting in significant performance issues for the site under attack. This can infect your machine and runs at anytime in an unexpected way, slowing down your productivity, impacting in the meantime your CPU and Bandwidth consumption.RDS-Knight is the reliable and powerful weapon against brute force attacks: featuring its own anti-spyware, the "Brute Force attack Defender", it will be automatically activated every time you open an RDS connection and will lock out any unwanted or suspicious behavior.You can stop the constant attacks right now with RDS-Knight.

How does our Brut Force Attack Defender work?

Installed within RDS-Knight and setted in less than 30 second, the Brute Force Attack Defender protects in real time your RDS server or your PC efficiently by monitoring Windows failed login attempts and permanently blacklisting the offending IP addresses after several failures. Moreover, you can of course configure it to match your needs. Alternatively, you can specify which IP addresses you would like to whitelist so you can prevent accidental lockouts.

RDS-Knight is a Must-Have solution: very quick and easy to install, running on your server instantly, adapted to your exact needs with customizable settings, compatible with any Windows RDS servers, RDS-Knight is immediately available.Protect your RDS Server today: Download RDS-Knight and see for yourself how our cyber security tool can help you give hackers the smack-down.

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About RDS-Tools: Since 1996, RDS Tools has specialized in remote-access technology, continuously expanding its experience and expertise in deployments of all sizes – as large as 35,000 concurrent users. With the emergence of DSL, cable, and fiber optic Internet communications, anyone can publish Windows applications and web-enable them to share legacy resources across their internal LAN or throughout the world via the web. RDS Tools provides the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective tools available to assist you in this task. For any questions, comments, suggestions or sales inquiries please send us an e-mail at sales@rds-tools.com.

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