RDS-Tools, a leading provider of network administration and security solutions, has announced the release of RDS-Knight version 6.3, which includes a powerful new feature called Hacker IP Protection. This update aims to enhance server security by preventing access from known malicious IP addresses, effectively blocking cybercriminals from accessing sensitive data. 

RDS-Knight is a comprehensive software designed to address the vulnerabilities that arise in remote desktop and gateway servers. The program offers a range of security features, including access restriction by time, geographic area, and device, as well as protection against ransomware attacks. With the new Hacker IP Protection feature, RDS-Knight now provides customers with an additional layer of security, blocking traffic from millions of malicious IP addresses based on a daily updated database. 

The Hacker IP Protection feature is based on a reliable 600 million hackers IP database, which is frequently updated and synchronized with RDS-Knight. When the feature is enabled, the program creates new rules in the existing firewall to prevent access from and to the malicious IPs. The blocked IPs are added to the Advanced Security centralized Blocked IP Addresses list, which also gathers IPs blocked by the Homeland and Brute-Force features. Customers can see the number of blocked IP addresses increase to approximately 613 million from the moment they install the software. 

To ensure the protection is always up-to-date, the IP list is then silently updated every day, although customers can also disable this automatic refresh or update it manually by clicking on the "Refresh Hacker IP" button. 

In addition to the Hacker IP Protection feature, RDS-Knight version 6.3 includes improvements to the search and navigation functions within the security event log. Feature status at the top of the list is now clickable, allowing for one-click access to a wide range of features. Action buttons such as copy address, unblock, and add to the whitelist are now visible at the bottom of the event log. 

Customers can update and test the new feature or download a 15-day free trial. For more information about RDS-Knight and its features, customers can refer to the user guide

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