RDS-Tools, leading provider of Remote Desktop administration tools, has recently launched the version 2 of RDS-Remote Support. Designed specifically for managed service providers (MSPs), this cost-effective and easy-to-use tool offers a range of features to help MSPs provide efficient remote support services to their clients. 

MSPs face the challenge of providing fast and reliable remote support to their clients while keeping costs down. With RDS-Remote Support, MSPs can deliver high-quality remote support at an affordable price. The software offers a browser-based interface that allows MSPs to connect to their clients' computers quickly and easily. It also comes with well-designed features that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of MSPs, including the following: 

Secure and self-hosted  

RDS-Remote Support is hosted on the MSP's own server or in the cloud, ensuring maximum security and privacy for both the MSP and their clients. The software is self-hosted, meaning that the MSP owns the software and can customize it to meet their specific needs. 

Unattended access  

With RDS-Remote Support, MSPs can access their clients' computers even when the end-user is not present. This feature allows for quick and efficient troubleshooting and maintenance without the need for the client to be available. 

Simple configuration and 1-click connection  

The software is easy to set up and configure, allowing MSPs to get started quickly. Once the software is installed, MSPs can invite support agents and clients to start connecting with a unique connection link that is generated with a single click. 

Flexible pricing model  

RDS-Remote Support offers a unique and flexible pricing model that allows MSPs to purchase the number of licenses they need for their support agents. There are no monthly subscription fees, and MSPs own the software for life. 

By using RDS-Remote Support, MSPs can streamline their remote support services, reduce costs, and provide a better overall experience for their clients. The software is user-friendly and designed with MSPs in mind, allowing for easy and efficient support services that meet the needs of both the MSP and their clients. 

In conclusion, RDS-Remote Support is a reliable, secure, and cost-effective alternative to TeamViewer and other remote support solutions on the market. MSPs looking for an affordable and user-friendly tool to provide remote support services to their clients should consider RDS-Remote Support.

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