“MUST-HAVE” Tools for RDS administrators

In today’s connected world, it becomes mandatory to own the proper tools to manage RDS/Citrix servers.
Cloud Computing, SaaS, Mobility, Windows Servers must benefit from the best secured solutions.
RDS-Tools provides 4 brand new technology choices which will greatly help you to deploy your RDS/TSE servers:


Remote Desktop Web Portal
Based on HTML5 RDP client
Just use Safari, Firefox or Chrome to start a RDS session.


The perfect and costless alternative to ThinPrint.
Remote Printing has never been so easy, You must try it!


Your RDS servers are under threats. Prevent cyber-criminals to destroy your data. Secure users profiles.

Server Genius

Monitor your RDS servers, create alarms and manage your users activity with graphical production reports.

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RDS-Knight Controls Device Access to Protect Sensitive Data

RDS-Tools introduces a feature to restrict device access control. Breakthrough technologies meet the growing demands of a smarter, mobile-first world -- while instilling confidence that identity data is secure and privacy is protected. The Device Protection - or Control is the right answer to keep data safe.
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Announcing RDS-Knight New 1.3 Release General Availability

Today, RDS-Tools announces the new release of its 360 degrees cyber security tool to counteract RDP threats: RDS-Knight 1.3 Release can be downloaded now for free. This new version includes additional settings and improvements based on customers' feedback, in order to keep RDS-Knight as the best weapon against hackers and malicious people.
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RDS-Knight Introduces One-Click Policies To Secure Desktop

Windows is providing many powerful GPOs but most of Windows system administrators aren't comfortable enough with such kind of system restriction policies; And it remains often uncertain that the requested security rules will be enforced exactly as expected. RDS-Knight stressed security fundamentals to keep remote access usage in a safe zone and allow you in One click only to easily limit user rights within each session environment.
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Kick out the Brute Force Attacks with RDS-Knight’s Defender Feature

When your Windows server is available and publicly visible on Internet, it is constantly assailed by hackers, network scanners and brute force robots who attempt to steal your identification in order to access your personal data or take the control of your machine. You need to install an anti-spyware to counter efficiently this threat. RDS-Tools is pleased to announce the worldwide availability of RDS-Knight, a 360° cyber security tool which includes a powerful Defender to keep threats away from your RDS servers.
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User Beware: Cyber Criminals Know You Use Remote Desktop systems

RDS and TSE systems have long been favorite targets of hackers because they have access to valuable information and they are relatively easy to exploit. A successful attack can result in a variety of devastating consequences including financial loss, damage to brand reputation, and loss of customer trust. Most organizations do not recover from a major security breach, making it absolutely critical to protect your users and customers from threats that target applications and RDS server files systems. You need a tool like RDS-Knight to protect your Remote Server at all time.
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