“MUST-HAVE” Tools for RDS Administrators

In today’s connected world, it has become mandatory to own the proper tools to manage Microsoft RDS/Citrix servers. Whether you wish to monitor user activity and performance or protect your RDS servers against hackers, WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST.

RDS Tools takes pride in delivering remote desktop software products to meet your company’s server-based computing needs. Cloud Computing, SaaS, Mobility, Windows Servers must benefit from the best-secured solutions.

RDS Tools provides 2 brand new technology choices which will greatly help you to protect, monitor and optimize your RDS/TSE servers:


Your RDS servers are under threats.
Prevent cyber-criminals to destroy data.
Secure users profiles.

Server Genius

Monitor your RDS servers and websites.
Create alarms and manage your
users’ activity with graphical production reports.

Discover RDS-Knight V5 with Brand-New Interface

Neat and Professional Security Tool:

New Look – Improved Efficiency – New Features

RDS-Knight 5 is the most reliable and easy to use cybersecurity tool offering 7 protections in one place to keep RDS servers Secure!

What’s in It for Small-to-Large Businesses and Regular Users?

Our tools can handle an extensive array of smart jobs that include:

► Accessing essential files from remote devices

► Printing from a remote session (no additional drivers’ installation required)

► Mitigating the risks associated with potential data breach

► Protecting your servers against remote attackers and bots

► User’s activity monitoring on monthly and daily basis

► Identifying unused licenses and subsequently reducing your software costs

Once you make your choice, you can utilize our full-featured trial option and PUT OUR PRODUCTS TO THE TEST RIGHT NOW.

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RDS-Knight Backs-Up Files Against Ransomware Attacks

With so many people still working from home, organizations and employees are more dependent than ever on remote access to internal PCs and networks. That means more users who need to tap into Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) accounts, making those accounts more ubiquitous and more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. RDS-Knight V5 offers the right protection.
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RDS-Knight Version 5 Delivers Strong Ransomware Protection

RDS-Knight V5 is generally available since last month. This new release is a major update bringing important innovations to offer the best available Ransomware Protection on the market. Cybersecurity experts at RDS-Tools have been working for months to deliver an...
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RDS-Knight 5 version

The RDS-Tools Team is proud to announce the general availability of RDS-Knight 5 version. It contains great new features and enhancements: A new system licensing management has been included with simplicity and security in mind. Licenses files were replaced by...
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How to protect your organization and remote workers During COVID-19 Crisis

As employers respond to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many are implementing work-from-home policies and establishing situational teleworking opportunities for their employees. While remote-work technology can provide opportunities to improve employee working conditions and facilitate ongoing work during this crisis, it can also create potential liabilities for businesses. 
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RDS-Knight 4.5 Offers Customizable Protection for your Servers!

Since its initial release as a stand-alone security solution in 2017, RDS-knight has evolved into a reliable and easy to use cyber security multi-tool. With the 4.5 version released last month, RDS-Knight provides further customizable settings for a protection adapted to every need.
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