As companies go through digital transformations, integrating IoT compounds the security challenges.

Source article : ITWorldRyan Francis @ CSO questioned Cisco Security Executive Anthony Grieco about today's Companies' digital security environment.The statement is clear: the growing digitization coupled with the fast technology transformation make Cyber Security as the leading concern for businesses today and a critical budget to be integrated into their growth strategy.In case of you had any doubts, RDS-Tools highly recommends you to read this enlightning article.You can find a summary below:While the digital world is taking over the physical world, new business models appear where organizations need to incorporate new technologies in the most secure way. With the massive data generation and the daily addition of new connected devices, businesses are facing challenges that didn't exist two decades ago - security being primary.  

Cyber Criminality is Growing Along With Digitization

The biggest asset for a company today is its data. Cyber criminals know that, and are taking advantage of this digital expansion. The security leandscape complexity is increasing, changing the nature and strategies of cyber attacks: it is not only individual hackers that act, but also well funded organizations. Their tactic and the technologies they use are also more and more "sophisiticated, better financed and more frequent", overtaking what IT and security professional are able to do to prevent and treat this kind of threats.The Internet Of Things is adding to the new risks: it has created a wealth of new opportunities, with an already extended network welcoming more and more device types. These new connections are as many unprecedented means for cyber criminals to access systems and information. The quick development of these devices leads to multiple vulnerabilities.  New challenges are also involved by "the rapid intgration of cloud computing and mobile computing solutions".

The Solution: Companies Must Invest in Cyber Security

As a result, companies must outsource their security services to managed security providers in order to conteract cyber attacks more efficiently. The industry needs to "focus on foundational security being present in critical systems". The main objective for organizations is to ensure a full trust into the technology, processes and policies involved in their IT systems, to "reduce the risk and the attack surface while enabling more effective overall security".The solution relies in Cyber Resilience: "the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing threat conditions while withstanding and rapidly recovering from attacks to infrastructure availability". Put in different words, a "risk-management" strategy.Anthony Grieco advices businesses to build a road map to plan their digital transformation, including "the tools, policies and processes that will protect [their] investments". A business strategy has to be set in order to create awareness to the risks and defensive posture to "significantly reduce te impact of threats".Last but not least, the users' awarness. Cloud services bring two big challenges: the information security and the access security.  Strong global policy should be maintained to refrain individuals users for enabling third-party cloud-based service providers. Adware can easily be introduced by users clicking on links they shouldn't, installing software from potentially dangerous sources or browser plugins that contain the adware.

Anthony Griego concludes : "There will always be budget and talent constraints, businesses must focus on relentless improvement measured via efficacy, cost and well-managed risk. Security must be an organizational priority - with commitments to training, evaluating the effectiveness of cybersecurity investments, and institionalizing best practices and safeguards to minimize risk against current and emerging threats."

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