There is no denying the significance of securing remote connections, especially with the rise of remote work and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats. Indeed, IT agents professionals are tasked with ensuring that remote access to networks is both flexible and ironclad against potential breaches. This article aims to equip readers seeking to bolster their remote desktop security. Whether as independent IT professionals, corporate IT team members or any of the positions in between, it is well worth leveraging insights from industry best practice and making use of such solutions as those offered by RDS-Tools.

Understanding the Need for Remote Desktop Security

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a widely used method to access and control computers remotely, offering convenience and productivity benefits. However, not only was it built to be used within a LAN (local area network), but its popularity also made it a prime target for attackers. Microsoft have been working at securing RDP ever since it was first exposed to the www.

The Role of Secure Remote Access to Servers

Ensuring the security of RDP and indeed all remote sessions is paramount to protecting sensitive information and maintaining server security and operational integrity. Other ways of connecting to server exist, apart from RDP. Yet, whichever the access method, the question of security always has its place.

That is because the main role of connecting to a server is to access and use or modify the data, applications and all else they contain. Whether the connection is local or remote, with the widespread use of WiFi, the security of connections into any server remains paramount. As businesses, organisations and so on, much of our infrastructure now depends on apps or data in a server, it is at the very least our daily routines, our healthcare or our jobs that are on the line.

Key Threats to Remote Connections to Servers

  • Brute Force Attacks: Unauthorised access attempts use trial-and-error to guess login credentials.
  • Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) Attacks: Interception of the communication between the remote user and the server to steal or manipulate data.
  • Ransomware and Malware: Infiltration through vulnerabilities in the remote desktop software to deploy malicious software.
  • Phishing: Increasingly, most of the above threats have become vehicled via email, especially business and corporate, as malicious attackers have found the human element remains their easiest inroad.

Essential Security Measures for Securely Connecting to a Remote Server

Implementing robust security measures is crucial to safeguarding your remote desktop connections. Time to tick off those you already know and those you have put into practice: next are the essential strategies every IT professional should consider best practice.

1.     Use Strong Authentication Methods

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Adding an extra layer of security beyond just passwords can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access to your servers.
  • Network Level Authentication (NLA): Implementing NLA first ensures the connecting user is authenticated. Then only is a full RDP session established. Each added barrier slows and reduces the risk of a successful attack.

2.     Secure the Data Transmission

  • Encryption Communications: Use strong encryption (such as SSL/TLS) for all data transmitted during the RDP session. Indeed, this protects against eavesdropping and data theft.
  • Avoid Eternal Sessions: Making logging out a habit is as important as strong passwords. When unused sessions are left open, they not only take up bandwidth but are also available for malicious users to tap into. Therefore, it is well worth asking users to log out of apps, sessions, servers etc. rather than leave them hanging.

3.     Regularly Update and Patch

  • Stay Up-to-Date: Perhaps one of the simplest and best pieces of advice is to regularly update software and server security. Be it remote desktop software, operating systems, related or unrelated apps, they all matter. This step is essential to protect against vulnerabilities exploited by attackers.

4.     Limit Access and Use Monitoring Tools

  • Restrict Access: Limit server access to users who need it and use firewall rules to restrict access to known IP addresses.
  • Monitor Sessions: Implement monitoring and alerting tools to detect unusual activities or unauthorised access attempts in real-time.

Advanced Solutions for Enhanced Server Security

RDS-Tools offers a suite of solutions designed to complete and enhance RDS infrastructures. For instance, RDS-tools Advanced Security addresses common vulnerabilities and provides IT teams with the tools needed to effectively secure their remote servers.

Our products taken globally contribute together to securing your servers and farms. We see our software as the Swiss army knife of the IT world (Do you have a cork-screw wherever you go?), making sure you are kitted out for any eventuality. Security also means a well-supported and well-monitored network, so, additionally, RDS-Tools Remote Support and Server Monitoring are two more essentials for maintaining secure connections to servers.

Unparalleled Server Security Software

Offering a comprehensive cybersecurity toolbox, RDS Advanced Security acts as the frontline defence against an array of cyber threats, ensuring that your server infrastructure remains unassailable. In fact, specifically engineered to protect RDS servers, it stands out among cybersecurity tools.

From the very moment of installation, it defends against over 368 million known hacker IP addresses, pre-emptively neutralising threats before they reach your network. Its suite of powerful security features is meticulously crafted to shield your RDS infrastructure, allowing you to customise the security level to meet the unique demands of your environment.

1.    Homeland and Brute-Force Defender

At the heart of RDS Advanced Security is the Homeland Protection feature, which enables administrators to lock down server access based on geographic location. Indeed, geofencing enhances security by preventing unauthorised access from foreign entities. Coupled with the Brute-Force Defender, it ensures that your servers are impervious to the relentless attempts of hackers and bots trying to penetrate your defences.

2.    Global IP Management and Working Hours

Global IP Management allows for granular control over IP whitelisting and blocking. It offers a unified platform for administrators to manage access rights efficiently. Meanwhile, the Working Hours feature brings an additional layer of security. Indeed, by restricting RDS connections to designated business hours, it drastically reduces the window of opportunity for attackers.

3.    Ransomware Protection and Permissions

In an era where ransomware represents a significant threat to organisations, RDS Advanced Security’s predictive behavioural detection mechanism guards against ransomware attacks. Its power lies in that it even identifies threats unknown to traditional antivirus solutions based on expected user habits and can also quarantine any relevant portions of the network.

The Permissions feature further tightens security by managing access rights for users, groups, and files through a centralised dashboard. Made so that admins can tailor rules to their infrastructure and users, this is a capacity highly valuable when managing servers.

Beyond Advanced Security: RDS-Tool as a Comprehensive Suite

RDS-Tools' commitment to robust server security extends beyond RDS Advanced Security. The software offering includes additional products and services tailored to enhance security and operational efficiency. Each tool in the line-up plays a pivotal role in delivering a secure, efficient and reliable server environment for businesses such as MSPs, IT support agents, overseeing server farms, etc. Underpinning the software, the commitment to updates and support, whether as part of the dedicated service or intrinsic to the company, contributes to the RDS-Tools mission of enhancing server resilience against a broad spectrum of threats.

1.    RDS Remote Support: Secure, Remote IT Assistance

RDS Remote Support is tailored for IT and support teams to rapidly and easily manage and maintain server and endpoint PC integrity. By facilitating secure, encrypted connections for remote maintenance, updates and user assistance, RDS Remote Support ensures that you can seamlessly keep your RDS servers up to date with the latest security patches and configurations. This tool is invaluable for IT professionals seeking a simple yet secure remote support solution to efficiently provide maintenance and assistance. Its features, include screen sharing, remote control and file transfer capabilities. They are designed with security and ease of use in mind, ensuring that remote support sessions are both effective and robust.

2.    RDS Server Monitoring: Proactive Server and Website Monitoring

RDS Server Monitoring stands as a sentinel, offering real-time insights into server, website, and application performance. This tool is essential for pre-emptively identifying and addressing network issues before they affect client access. By providing real-time monitoring capabilities, RDS Server Monitoring allows IT professionals to optimise server performance, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently and promoting the security of their server environments against threats, both external and internal. Its ability to generate real-time alerts for performance issues and its comprehensive reporting features make it an indispensable tool for maintaining server health and security.

3.    Ensuring Continued Security with Updates and Support

The cornerstone of maintaining a robust security posture is the continuous updating and support of software so vulnerabilities, incompatibilities and any other issues which may arise are consistently nipped in the bud. With each product, whether RDS-Tools Advanced Security, RDS-Tools Remote Support, RDS-Tools Server Monitoring, or a combination, RDS-Tools includes a year of updates and support.

This service ensures that servers remain secure against the latest threats, leveraging the newest features and providing expert assistance when needed. It is a testament to RDS-Tools' commitment to their customers' ongoing security and operational excellence.

The RDS-Tools Updates and Support service ensures your RDS infrastructure remains at the cutting edge of security. To that effect, RDS-Tools provides the year of updates and support with each purchase, to encompass latest features, security updates and expert assistance.

Conclusion: A Holistic Approach to Establishing Secure Connections to Servers

In a world where the Human factor remains the biggest downfall of IT security, we need faultless quality and management of those variants we can control. Together, RDS-Tools Advanced Security, Remote Support and Server Monitoring encapsulate a holistic approach to server security, addressing those immediate and evolving needs of modern RDS infrastructures.

From providing unparalleled defence mechanisms with Advanced Security and facilitating secure and efficient remote support with Remote Support, to offering comprehensive monitoring solutions with Server Monitoring, RDS-Tools delivers a tool-kit of products both powerful individually and formidable when combined. By embracing these tools, organisations can fortify their server security, simplify their IT support and ensure peak server performance, thus securing their server connections.

Interested in our solutions to secure, manage and optimise your RDS infrastructure in the face of evolving cyber threats? Explore how RDS-Tools can transform your approach to server security by visiting


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