The rapid shift to remote work has forced many organizations to adapt quickly, with employees accessing sensitive data and business-critical applications from home. However, this increased reliance on remote work solutions can make companies more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. That’s where RDS-Knight comes in. 

RDS-Knight keeps RDS administrators and MSPs, along with their data, safe from ransomware attacks. 

To ensure business continuity, many businesses have adopted remote work solutions such as VDI, private clouds, and remote desktop like RDS to provide employees with access to necessary tools and applications. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the virtually connected work environment to target remote employees, who often use their own devices and may not be under the protection of company firewalls. 

As a result, ransomware attacks are a growing threat to businesses of all sectors. Without proper cybersecurity measures in place, ransomware can cause significant damage to companies. 

RDS-Knight understands this challenge and offers a powerful Ransomware Protection feature in its latest version to detect and defeat any ransomware attack. This feature also allows administrators to back up files and restore them with a single click. 

RDS-Knight's anti-ransomware protection reduces the attack surface on corporate servers and provides RDS administrators and MSPs with up to seven advanced features to keep their users and data safe. 

With RDS-Knight's other advanced security features, businesses can rest assured that their employees are protected without worrying about their own security. 

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