How to Secure Remote Desktops

Recent years have seen the diversity and inventiveness of cyber-crime steadily increase. Certain attacks have left some big corporations as well as other organisations reeling from the damage. Cyber-attacks mainly cause loss of credibility, but also loss of data, time and money. Indeed, they are used as a vector of extortion and pressure. Governmental bodies and IT professionals have raised the profile of cyber-security.

Sadly, it remains side-lined by more tangible and often pecuniary concerns within too many businesses. Find out some simple security steps to follow as we look at RDP security. Then, come and discover how RDS Tools fits the bill for affordable Microsoft based cyber-security.

How to Secure RDP and RDS

Do your staff or your clients use remote access to work from home? The likely way for this is via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), maybe even using RDS (Remote Desktop Services). With the security concerns both have raised over the years, setting about strengthening your company’s cyber-security is paramount. RDS Tools has just the product for that.

RDS Advanced Security is a full cyber-protection suite for secure Microsoft RDS use. Its features and capacities have been built-up to make it more efficient than ever. Our goal is to provide MSPs, CTOs and IT professionals with sturdy security for the devices and networks they manage.

Centralise Your RDS Cyber-defence

The administration console for RDS Advanced Security is ergonomic and its design aims at a fluid user-experience. It presents like a web-browser and, with its side-menu, tabs, the feature thread, etc., you can navigate intuitively. Navigate from Home to Bruteforce, Homeland or IP addresses and more. Search, edit, add or remove IPs from the lists of blocked or whitelisted addresses. Manage working hours, permissions, home-country... A wide range of features are available within the console.

The Ongoing Threat of Ransomware

Large numbers of businesses worldwide remaining ill-prepared against hacking and ransomware. Consequently, cyber-attacks are a choice way for cyber criminals to obtain information or ransoms, or even exert other sorts of pressure on companies. The fact staff are ill-trained in the face of threats such as phishing. Adds to these dangers from a corporate point of view.

A Toolkit to Keep RDP and Company Data Secure

RDS Advanced Security has been developed by our teams with the goal of protecting RDP. We are committed to this because we see the importance of protecting data and networks. With RDS Advanced Security to keep one step ahead of cyber-attacks, businesses can work in ideal conditions. In turn, you can provide your customers with the best services or products.

Our cyber-security tool features Bruteforce protection, working hours and endpoints settings and a built-in firewall. It also benefits from regular updates and security fixes to maintain compatibility with Microsoft RDS and Windows. Finally, in Advanced settings, you will find and edit your watched processes amongst the safeguards RDS Advanced Security offers.

To Conclude on Securing Remote Desktops

With RDS Advanced Security to face the Internet for your set-up with its comprehensive protection, we think you can relax. You can test this powerful toolkit for free for 15 days if you need to try it out to make the move. In the world as it stands today, CTO, IT and MSP professionals need the best and strongest possible toolkit. RDS Advanced Security won't break the bank. But it will grow with your business as we see the cyber world evolve and we carry on developing with IT professionals in mind.

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