Swift and secure file transfer between remote desktop sessions and local PCs is crucial for IT professionals, MSPs, and Microsoft support agents. Whether you manage multiple remote connections or providing remote assistance, having efficient file transfer methods is paramount. In this article, we explore various techniques to accomplish fast file transfers and how RDS-Tools Remote Support secures this process.

Security Concerns Relating to RDP

RDP, as is, brings a legacy of security concerns due to the fact it was not made to face Internet but to be used within Local Area Networks. Some simple measures and software can make all the difference to this. When seeking to transfer folders and files, the concerns are as valid, or maybe even more important. Indeed, the data in question is likely to be sensitive in some shape or form.

Data transfer with RDS can be done in a number of standard manners or can call on RDS-Tools software to complete RDS, securing and streamlining the process. Compare some of the options compiled below with the advantages of adding our tools to your infrastructure.

Standard Ways to Transfer Files from RDP to PC

1.     Drag and Drop:

Use of the drag and drop feature is intuitive approach to most users, no less within an RDP session. Select the file or files and drag them to the preferred location on the local PC. Smaller files and folders are easily transferred in this manner so long as you have good control of a mouse.

2.     Clipboard:

Perhaps among the quickest methods, the scissors and glue technique is proven: CTRL+C or CTRL+X, then CTRL+V transfer quickly and surely in most contexts. Better adapted for work with your keyboard rather than a mouse, this is another straightforward and fairly usual method for transferring data. Simply copy the desired folders or files in the RDP session and paste them into the local PC's folder.

3.     Remote Desktop Manager:

Integrating with tools like Remote Desktop Manager streamlines file transfers. By opening the RDP session within the tool, users can easily drag files to the desired location on the local PC.

4.     Shared Drives or Folders:

Setting up shared drives or folders between your RDP session and the local PC provides another seamless transfer mechanism. After configuring the shared drive, copy or move files into it from within the RDP session, then access them from the local PC.


On occasion, there may be reasons to work around all of these. In which case, these last two options remain very good options.

5.     E-mail: Why not send it by mail?

The transportable aspect of email has the advantage of making your data accessible wherever you choose to open it. An option to keep at the back of your mind.

6.     Third-Party Tools:

Explore third-party solutions (such as WeTransfer, FileZilla or others) for additional file transfer capabilities tailored to specific needs. These can be particularly useful for over-large quantities of data.

Keep Data Secure Yet Transfer Files from RDP to PC

For all of these, your data is only as secure as your connection. With cyberthreats rife and a rising need for prevention, we have left nothing to chance. Our software aims to do the job in all security, no matter whether you use Remote Support, Advanced Security or Server Monitoring.

The RDS-Tools applications of file transfer from RDP to PC listed below cover most of the actions above. Moreover, remember RDS-Tools Remote Support is a self-hosted SaaS with stringent security implementation. Communications are encrypted and Remote Support automatically updates to the latest version on startup. What’s more, with Updates and Support, any fixes and improvements to the whole RDS-Tools set are included for the first year.

With RDS Tools Remote Support, your data transits at high speed and in all safety in a few clicks and the 15-day trial is entirely free. Contact our sales teams if you find no answer to your questions on our website.

Optimizing File Transfer from RDP to PC with RDS-Tools

1. Clipboard Synchronisation:

RDS-Tools Remote Support includes seamless file copying and pasting between host and agent devices. Use CTRL+C and CTRL+V between sessions and devices, just as you would on one same device. This feature can be activated or de-activated when required.

2. Copy & Paste:

The software enables you to use the “Copy” and “Paste” key-combinations but also the associated mouse actions to transfer files or folders. The speed of RDS-Tools Remote Support is suitable even for transferring larger files or substantial data volumes.

3. Opening Files on Client Side:

With RDS-Tools, agents can conveniently open files on within the host computer, eliminating compatibility concerns, when carrying out maintenance or training. Moreover, it enables you to do so from any location without compromising data integrity.

4. RDS-Tools File Transfer Tool:

Experience swift data transfers with the RDS-Tools File Transfer tool. Compatible with various devices, this button ensures swift and secure transfers between remote desktops and local PCs. Explore our documentation for comprehensive usage instructions.

5. Drag & Drop:

Brand new feature for RDS-Tools Remote Support, Drag & Drop brings secure RDP file transfer up to scratch. From the End-User side: simply click on the wanted file, drag it over to the chat-box and release. All that is left is for the agent to open their downloads folder to find the file and open it.

Share Inside an RDP Session

Need to carry on working while your colleague is carrying out maintenance on your machine? Unless you follow the instructions below, minimizing a Remote Support RDP session will curtail all sharing until the window is maximised once more. You can check here for precise steps, nevertheless, read on for a succinct description.

To ensure you can minimise an RDP session without while continuing to display your screen to your agent, as a host, you need to do as follows:

Ensure the current RDP session is closed by both parties if you had one underway. That done, download the following registry file: “minimized reg” then run it. As our documentation reads: “It will create the DWORD registry key RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMinimized in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client and assign the value 2.”

That done, when you start a new RDP session on your PC, you can then open RDS-Tools Remote Support client inside the RDP session. The person controlling the screen will be able to continue working unhindered when you minimize the RDP session.

RDS Product Line-up

Remote Support is part of a tool-set by RDS-Tools. Our software works together and integrates to help you provide secure and stable RDS. While Remote Support opens the door to swift secure distant assistance and collaboration, RDS Tools Advanced Security provides comprehensive protection against external attacks. It secures not only your communications but also your infrastructure as a whole, fighting threats on a variety of fronts and affording you all-round cyber protection.

Added to this is RDS Tools Server Monitoring the complete suite of RDS-Tools products offers solutions for each essential aspect of RDS server management and security. As administrators, MSPs, Microsoft resellers, agents or general IT professionals, it completes your tools-kit so you can optimize your RDS infrastructure simply and efficiently.

Conclusion: Streamlined File Transfer Solutions with RDS-Tools

In summary, RDS-Tools includes comprehensive file transfer solutions tailored to the needs of IT professionals and remote support agents. Whether using basic clipboard functionality during maintenance, making use of shared facilities for better teamwork or leveraging file transfer tools for training purposes, you can test it. RDS-Tools ensures fast, secure and efficient file transfers, and that’s only the beginning. For detailed insights and a 15-day fully-featured free trial, explore our software suite today.



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