In the ever-evolving landscape of remote desktop protocol (RDP), various open-source solutions have emerged as alternatives to proprietary software. These tools offer significant benefits in terms of customization, community-driven enhancements and cost-effectiveness. For IT professionals, Microsoft resellers, MSPs and other Windows IT agents, understanding open source RDP software tools for RDS is crucial in an increasingly remote and flexible work environment. Where does RDS-Tools fit into all this? Read on to find out.

Evolution of RDP Software from Proprietary and Open Sources

Historically, RDP solutions were predominantly proprietary, with Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services (RDS) being a prominent example. However, the demand for more adaptable and cost-effective solutions led to the rise of open-source RDP software. This evolution mirrors a broader trend in software development towards open-source solutions, as seen across various IT domains.

Comparative Analysis – Open Source RDP Software vs Windows Proprietary RDS

Compared to proprietary solutions like Microsoft RDS, open-source RDP tools principally offer flexibility. They often allow for deeper customization to suit specific business needs as they have been tailored by their developers for their special reasons. When a business has the in-house developers required for this kind of work, then perfect, but if not, the customization can be best left to others. In terms of security, open-source projects usually also offer high security, benefiting from community-driven updates and patches. Meanwhile, proprietary solutions like RDS-Tools boast robust security features and likewise benefit from community input.

However, in many cases, cost is nowadays a significant differentiator, with open-source tools typically being more affordable, a critical factor for many businesses. Here, RDS-Tools has the best of both worlds.

Popular Open Source RDP Tools or Proven RDS-Tools

Several open-source RDP tools have gained popularity due to their robust feature sets and reliability.Tools like FreeRDP, Guacamole and rdesktop offer different strengths, such as extensive protocol support, web-based access, and compatibility with various systems. Each tool provides unique benefits, catering to different aspects of remote desktop management. The software developed by the RDS-Tools teams is neither new on the block nor detached from Windows software, CALs and other such questions so you know they are adapted to the Microsoft environment.

Integration with Existing Systems

Integrating open-source RDP software into existing Microsoft environments, like those supported by RDS-Tools, can be seamless. Many open-source RDP tools are designed with compatibility in mind. Here, RDS-Tools brings together this compatibility and the specificities of Windows infrastructures. Such a bringing-together of open source and proprietary software allows businesses to leverage their existing infrastructure, be it Microsoft or multiple operating systems, while adopting more cost-effective and flexible RDP-based solutions tailored around RDS. In fact, RDS-Tools Remote Support can be customised and embedded into company websites for even sleeker service-provision.

Evolutions in Licences and Products

Microsoft contracts have evolved since Windows XP/2003. Therefore, current Microsoft contracts, such as MS Office, hold different requirements. This means Microsoft clients generally need to purchase RDS CALs even if the RDS role is neither installed nor activated.

Swiss Knife RDS Tools for Microsoft Infrastructures

The primary objective of RDS Tools is to provide as many Microsoft systems as possible with our three Swiss Army knife RDS tools, regardless of the activation status of RDS or the purchase of RDS CALs. As a result, our three software solutions can be installed in any existing Microsoft environment.

Therefore, we invite you, as other key players in the Microsoft market, to come and explore our offerings in remote technical support, cyber protection and server and network monitoring.

Our "Swiss Army Knife" Offering:

Are you familiar with the toolbox that allows any IT professional to equip themselves with the administration products they need, at a reasonable cost?

• Screen-Sharing:

100% of IT professionals need, at some point, to take control of a user's PC. TeamViewer is by far the dominant player in this market, but their subscriptions are particularly costly. On the other hand, our Remote Support offering makes screen sharing and remote access affordable for everyone.

• Cybersecurity:

RDS-Tools Advanced Security excels in a market where the question of hackers makes headlines every week. Protect your Microsoft Remote Desktop connections and your clients' networks. Restrict access from countries other those where you operate or to specific IP addresses. Authorize employees on a whitelist. Intercept and quarantine malicious attacks. All of this is at your fingertips with Advanced Security.

• Monitoring:

Are you a Cloud host? Do you manage your own servers? Regardless of your company's production infrastructure, whether small, medium, or large, whether deployed in the Cloud or not, all these servers must be managed. Server Monitoring is a mature tool designed to address this need.

Conclusion on Open Source RDP Software for RDS

Open-source RDP software represents a valuable alternative to traditional proprietary solutions, offering cost savings, customization and community-supported enhancements. As the remote work environment continues to evolve, exploring open-source options becomes increasingly relevant for IT professionals. We invite you to explore our offerings at RDS-Tools.

Our products are solutions which, individually or together, integrate seamlessly with both proprietary and open-source RDP systems, ensuring a comprehensive remote desktop experience. Discover for yourself the use of our Swiss knife tools for RDS today and access the benefits of our IT expertise.

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