What is all the Fuss about RDP Licences?

RDP licences and RDP product licenses are an important part of managing remote access and control software. Some remote access software is available for free. Nevertheless, for professional and extensive use, whether in a corporate setting or for Managed Services or SaaS provision, proper licenced software has many advantages. Let us explore licencing for Microsoft and in general, then discuss RDS-Tools licences more specifically.


RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol):

RDP is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft that allows users to access and control a remote desktop or server. In general, RDP enables remote desktop connections for remote use or for troubleshooting purposes, as well as for a number of derived uses. Microsoft devices can therefore access or be accessed by other devices for any of those purposes, so long as the appropriate configuration is set.

RDP licences -Security, Support and Software Evolution

Intrinsically, RDP for remote access poses some security questions as soon as it is no longer kept by its native walls. Designed to be used within a LAN, RDP is indeed a target for cyber-security attacks on the Internet. If no other argument convinces users, this seems to us the greatest supporter of valid licences.

Whether for Windows RDP or other suppliers, software licences are essential. From licences to CALs, the right licence most often means the right security guarantees for your network. It also means the right service and answers from the purveyors, since fixes, updates, new features and more all depend on a valid software licence.

In practice, Microsoft provides RDP licenses for its Windows operating systems. These licenses are mostly included with Windows Server or Windows Professional editions, where RDP can be activated. They can also be purchased as separate or upgraded licenses for client devices that need to access remote desktops.

To hammer in the nail, compliance and trust will doubtless require correct licencing, so anyone with particular high demands on them on that front need to pay close attention to the status of their licences.

Products for Remote Networks of All Sizes and Shapes

The range of Microsoft products available spans a whole set of in-house or cloud based solutions. Around these, RDS-Tools sells 3 complementary products available to secure, troubleshoot and monitor your IT infrastructure.

RDS-Tools, as a software developer, provides add-on products for Windows RDP, Azure, Citrix, and any other alternative. Our software completes your IT infrastructure and its RDP capabilities with additional features for security, remote assistance and network monitoring.

RDP Product Licenses in the Context of RDS-Tools:

When it comes to RDS-Tools licenses, you can purchase product licenses for Advanced Security, forServer Monitoring or for Remote Support, our three RDP or RDS tools.

  1. RDS-Tools Advanced Security licences and Server Monitoring licences are lifetime licences.
  2. Licences for RDS-Tools Remote Support are on subscription due to the nature of the service provided and its intricacies.
  3. All can benefit from our service for Updates, so your software will be silently updated and always at its best. Updates services costs are indexed on the cost of your licences as per our pricing list.

Versatile Scalable RDS-Tools Product Licences

RDS-Tools offers a choices of licensing options based on the number of users or devices requiring the software and the specific features you need. You may purchase one or more products, individually or in one go, and as many or few licences as your infrastructure requires. You pick and choose your RDS-Tools Advanced Security, Remote Support and Server Monitoring multi-tool build.

RDS-Tools Products Available with a Licence

1.    RDS-Tools Advanced Security:

RDS-Tools Advanced Security is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed to safeguard Windows Servers. With its all-in-one approach, it fortifies your IT infrastructure against cyberattacks and unauthorised access. This robust tool offers multi-layered protection, including intrusion detection, brute force attack prevention, and IP filtering. By proactively identifying and thwarting threats, it ensures the security and integrity of your server environment, allowing you to focus on your core business operations without the worry of potential security breaches.

2.    RDS-Tools Remote Support:

RDS-Tools Remote Support is a cloud-based software solution that excels in providing efficient remote assistance and screen sharing. Ideal for both attended and unattended support scenarios, it enables IT professionals to deliver swift and effective assistance to remote clients. RDS-Tools Remote Support features real-time screen sharing, file transfer capabilities and chat functionality amongst the simpler headings. Additionally, this tool streamlines the support process thanks to unattended access and wake-on-LAN, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Finally, so you know, we have just added Mac compatibility, in both directions, for those of you who have non-Windows devices in some of your set-ups. So whoever your end-users are, Remote Support is a valuable asset for any IT team looking to deliver top-notch support services.

3.    RDS-Tools Server Monitoring:

RDS-Tools Server Monitoring is a vital tool for monitoring and reporting on the health of remote servers and websites in real-time. This proactive solution allows IT administrators to keep a close eye on the performance of their servers,ensuring smooth operations and the ability to troubleshoot issues promptly.With customizable alerts and reports, it maximizes server uptime and minimizes downtime, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

To Conclude on RDP Licences

In the context of your work, having up-to-date licenses is crucial to security, service and quality. Indeed, as IT professionals and other IT services providers, it ensures that you have the necessary permissions and access to offer your clients and colleagues premium provision and perform remote tasks efficiently and securely.

You are welcome to consult our website, rds-tools.com, especially our company's pricing pages, for detailed information on the specific product licenses available. If you have any specific questions left unanswered or need further information on this topic, please feel free to contact our sales team.

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