In the dynamic world of IT, the ability to provide remote support efficiently and securely is crucial. Whether you are a managed service provider (MSP), a Microsoft reseller or an IT professional, the right tools can make a significant difference to the quality of your service delivery. RDS-tools offers a powerful solution with its RDS Remote Support, designed to simplify remote assistance and maintenance for both Windows and macOS environments. This how to article delves into screen sharing on Mac OS using RDS Remote Support, highlighting its features, benefits and the technicalities involved.

What is RDS Remote Support?

Remote support and assistance using RDS is nothing new under the sun, especially if you’ve been in the field since internet took its first steps. Internet connectivity has ushered in this new distant mode of work and maintenance which current generations most likely take for granted. RDS and other means enable remote access to servers and other devices for troubleshooting purposes, system upkeep and training, amongst other things.

RDS-Tools Remote Support is a comprehensive tool that enables IT teams to provide remote assistance, perform unattended maintenance and support users securely through encrypted connections. Unlike other complex and expensive solutions, RDS Remote Support offers a streamlined, cost-effective alternative that is easy to use and highly effective. It can be up and running in seconds and complete Mac OS compatibility is included in the price.

Key Features of RDS Remote Support to Share Screens on Mac

Remote Assistance

RDS Remote Support allows IT professionals to control the mouse and keyboard of a remote client, view files and applications and troubleshoot issues as if they were physically present. This is particularly useful for remote maintenance and support tasks, providing a seamless experience for both the support agent and the end-user.

Session Sharing

With session sharing capabilities, multiple agents can join a single remote session, enabling collaborative troubleshooting, support and demonstration. This feature is ideal for training purposes or when complex issues require collaborative input from various experts.

Security and Hosting

Security is a top priority for RDS-tools. RDS Remote Support utilises industry-standard TLS encryption to ensure that all remote support sessions are secure. The managed backend infrastructure ensures optimal performance and reliability, with servers located globally to provide the best possible customer experience.

User Experience

The user experience is paramount, and RDS Remote Support delivers a polished, smooth-to-navigate and customisable interface that simplifies the support process. End-users can quickly connect by downloading a lightweight client then sharing their session ID and password with the support agent.

Multi-OS Compatibility

RDS Remote Support is compatible both with Windows and macOS, in any direction and combination, making it a versatile solution for various IT environments. Whether you need to provide support between a Windows device and a Mac, vice versa, or two same systems, RDS Remote Support has you covered.

Benefits of Using RDS Remote Support

Provide Unattended Maintenance

With RDS Remote Support, IT teams can perform remote maintenance tasks such as server updates or tool installations without needing on-site presence. This is particularly useful for MSPs managing multiple-client environments.

Assist Remote Users

Support agents can assist remote users in real-time, troubleshooting and resolving issues quickly. The ability to control the remote screen, mouse and keyboard or to send commands ensures that problems are resolved efficiently.

Remote Training

The session sharing feature allows IT professionals to conduct remote training sessions, sharing their screens with multiple participants. This is ideal for onboarding new team members or providing client training.

Cost-Effective Solution

Compared to other solutions like TeamViewer, RDS Remote Support offers significant cost savings while delivering all the essential features needed for effective remote support. The affordable subscription model ensures that you get the best value for your investment.

How to Screen Share on Mac Using RDS Remote Support

Step-by-Step Guide

·       Download the Client: Both the support agent and the end-user need to download the RDS Remote Support connection client. The end-user client is simplified for easy sharing of session details, while the agent client is fully featured for control and support functions. The connection clients, once customised as you choose, can be embedded in your website for even sleeker client UX.

·       Run the Client: The end-user runs the client and shares the session ID and password with the support agent. No further setup is required! The agent enters these details into their client window to establish a connection.

·       Start the Session: Once connected, the agent can see the end-user's screen and control their mouse and keyboard. The session includes a chat box for communication, file sharing capabilities and more.

·       Perform Tasks: The support agent can troubleshoot issues, install updates, perform maintenance tasks and demonstrate, as needed. Features like multi-monitor support and command line enhance the support experience.

·       End the Session: The session can be terminated by either the agent or the end-user at any time by closing the client. All activities during the session are secured with end-to-end encryption.

Customisation and Advanced Features

·       Branded Interface: RDS-tools allows you to customise the client with your company's branding, (logo, colours, etc.) maintaining a professional coherence for your customers and staff. The language can also be set accordingly.

·       Session Recording: For quality control and training purposes, sessions can be recorded and reviewed later.

·       Unattended Access and Wake-on-LAN: Agents can set up unattended access to specific machines, allowing them to perform maintenance tasks without needing the end-user to be present. Wake-on-LAN further extends the scope of unattended access. In order to keep security at its best, to function, these functions need to be validated by the host device as well as be set up in advance.

Pricing Plans

RDS Remote Support offers three main subscription plans:

·       Starter: $8/month (billed annually)

o   Up to 1 concurrent connection

o   Unlimited users and devices

·       Business: $30/month (billed annually)

o   Up to 5 concurrent connections

o   Unlimited users and devices

·       Corporate: $50/month (billed annually)

o   Up to 10 concurrent connections

o   Unlimited users and devices

·       More: further concurrent connections are billed at an additional $5 per connection/month (billed annually)

Each plan includes regular updates and support to ensure you always have access to the latest features and security enhancements.

Unlike RDS-Tools other products, Advanced Security and Server Monitoring, which are both sold under permanent licences, Remote Support is a subscription-based service. It is renewed annually and can be cancelled at any time (in which case you nonetheless retain access until the end of the billing period).

Any Remains Questions Concerning How to Screen Share on Mac with RDS-Tools

For those hesitating or who want to test before buying, RDS Remote Support offers a 14-day free trial with full features. Moreover, you can also contact our sales team for a live demo and discussion to better imagine and plan how RDS-Tools fits in with your project.

Want to go further, be it in use or in implementation and sales? Then, this paragraph if for you. Should you wish specific or more detailed support to deploy your RDS Tools software, you can access our comprehensive documentation online. Beyond that, deployment support, troubleshooting and advice are available from our resourceful support team.

And regarding becoming a partner, again our sales team is on hand to explore partnership opportunities.Indeed, RDS-tools already works with over 5,000 business partners worldwide.

Contact us via our website.

Conclusion to RDS-Tools How To: Screen Sharing on Mac

RDS Remote Support from RDS-tools is a robust solution for IT professionals, MSPs and Microsoft resellers seeking an efficient, secure, and cost-effective remote support tool. Its compatibility with both Windows and macOS, coupled with its extensive feature set, makes it an invaluable asset for any IT team. Whether you are providing remote assistance, performing unattended maintenance, or conducting remote training, RDS Remote Support has the tools you need to succeed.

For more information and to start your free trial, visit our RDS Remote Support page today.


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