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RDS-Knight: Announcing 4.3 Release to Set Permissions in Minutes

RDS-Knight version 4.3 has been released! It comes with an amazing new feature – the “Permissions” dashboard will give IT admins the tool they were dreaming of to quickly manage windows permission without the complications that come with the default Windows permission management scheme. It’s the best way to protect sensitive data from malicious people and hackers. Details of this innovation are explained below.

RDS-Knight Version 4 Introduces a New Look and New Features

Following the recent update of RDS-WebAccess to Version 12, the newest version of RDS-Knight has been released. Like the RDS -WebAccess release, RDS-Knight comes with newly redesigned User Interface. Based on the same smart and easy to use design, the new RDS-Knight interface offers greatly improved experience and feature sets for both Users and Administrators. Keep reading to discover all the new benefits RDS-Knight Version 4 has to offer.

RDS-Tools Upgrades Its Support System

RDS-Tools’ support team is pleased to announce the launch of its new ticketing system and knowledge-based integrated platform, built with FreshDesk. Expanding on the capabilities of the current platform, the new platform will improve the service RDS-Tools provides to its worldwide clients on responsiveness, accuracy and quality.

How to Develop the Best Security App for RDS – by T.Montalcino

RDS-Tools is proud to introduce T. Montalcino, expert developer for TSplus security and monitoring add-ons. TSplus hired Thomas beginning of 2018 to kick off the evolution of the RDS-Tools. In this interview, Thomas reviews the progress made over the year and explains how he succeeded to turn RDS-Knight into an advanced, powerful and user-friendly security tool for RDS servers Administrators.

Cyber Security at the Core of RDS-Tools’ 2018 Development

RDS-Tools is busy closing the year 2018, which has been rich in improvements and technological innovations. Over the 12 months, RDS-Tools has significantly invested resources, time and its best developers’ skills to provide worldwide the most useful and reliable cyber security tools every Windows server’s Administrator “Must Have”. Today they announce the general availability of RDS-Knight 3.5 and this is the opportunity to review 2018 best achievements and look ahead 2019 expected enhancements.

Track Remote Apps Usage to Improve Overall Production With Server Genius 3.7

The new 3.7 version of Server Genius has been released yesterday. Server Genius is the most comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool for Windows servers. A good opportunity to zoom in this tool’s valuable benefits. Besides its essential monitoring features providing hardware data metrics, Server Genius tracks Remote Desktop sessions and Windows Application processes which allow administrators to get a good understanding  of “Who is doing What and When”. Let’s have a deeper look at it.

Visible & Effective Server Protection With the New RDS-Knight 2.0

Remote Desktop is a great tool when completely secure. Users can login to an interactive session on a remote system and start working wherever they are. Without strong protection, attackers may use this connection to access applications and data, and eventually destroy a business… Installing RDS-Knight 2.0 on servers allows to reveal and fight these dangers in real time.

Server Genius to Optimize Production on RDS

Last month, RDS-Tools released the most advanced version of Server Genius to date, introducing a whole new dimension to this monitoring tool for RDS.The enhanced functionalities of Server Genius 3.2 provide administrators with the keys to anticipate any issues that might harm production. Let’s understand how Server Genius facilitates this difficult task.

Announcing RDS-Knight 1.8 Compatible With Windows 32bits

RDS-Knight is the most powerful and simple to use solution to secure RDS Servers. It has been designed to protect remote connections to Windows Desktops and Business Applications with a package of advanced security features. Today the developer confirms its full compatibility with Windows systems, including the 32bits.

Server Genius 3.2 to Reveal Remote User’s Experience

Executive Summary: As announced earlier this year, RDS-Tools has been working on vast improvements to Server Genius, their tool for monitoring Remote Desktop Services. Today, they are proud to release a new version with advanced functionalities: Server Genius 3.2 is the smart and easy solution network managers have been waiting for.

Announcing Major Upgrade to Server Genius 3.1

RDS-Tools is proud to deliver the upgraded version of its easiest and most accurate monitoring tool for RDS:Server Genius 3.1! Since its first release in May 2017, Server Genius has been the “must-have” tool for RDS Administrators seeking clear and reliable reporting for their RDS Server environments. Officially available to download for free, this new release delivers a host of features that will greatly benefit RDS Administrators.

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