Executive Summary: The RDS Tools Team is proud to announce the general availability of RDS Knight 3.0. The new version of RDS Knight Ultimate adds an expected new feature: automatically detect and stop data encryption during ransomware attacks on RDS Servers.In most cases, antivirus applications should quickly clear up any malware. But when ransomware is involved, they’re not any help.Ransomware is the most significant of today's cyber threats, a new and worst generation of malware. When a ransomware attack turns all important files into encrypted content, and the only way to possibly get them back is to pay a large amount of money, it’s big trouble.

It’s even worse when a business is attacked: every hour of lost productivity might cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, while ransomware attacks are on the rise, so are the techniques for fighting them.

RDS-Knight Ultimate protection Anti-Ransomware new feature detects and averts ransomware attacks.

RDS-Knight 3.0 Immediately Stops Ransomware Attacks

Usually downloaded by mistake from a compromised website, opened via malicious advertising pages, or received as an attachment from spammed emails, ransomware can take all forms to trap users and attack systems in the most aggressive way.

The attack is not visible at first. It doesn't show the usual signs of malware. Once installed on a system, the ransomware will work in the background to either completely lock the user's access or encrypt the majority of its files, before he or she even notices its presence. It's only when this job is finished that it will display instructions on how to pay the ransom that the cybercriminal requests. However, this does not guarantee the restitution of crucial data and can deeply paralyze any organization.

RDS-Knight provides a powerful cyber-weapon: ransomware protection that will efficiently DETECT, BLOCK, and PREVENT ransomware attacks on Windows Remote Desktop sessions. This game-changing feature is included, without added cost, in the RDS-Knight ULTIMATE Protection license.

RDS-Knight ULTIMATE includes ransomware protection

RDS-Knight Anti-Ransomware feature prevents a business from experiencing catastrophic events by removing ransomware at an early stage.

If a process is caught trying to encrypt files or inject malicious code into a system during a remote session, RDS-Knight immediately stops it before any damage is done. It instantly notifies the user/administrator by providing the list of the infected items and suspicious program(s). Only the administrator can choose to either block the activity or allow it to continue.With access to detailed information about the attack source, administrators gain knowledge to avoid any issue in the future.

Ransomware is an evolving field; the chances are good that as ransomware evolves, RDS-Knight Anti-Ransomware will evolve as well: it integrates the most common crypto methods as well as foreseeable changes for optimal protection.

RDS-Knight Anti-Ransomware feature is the protection every Remote Desktop user needs for quick response, limited damage, increased awareness, and time saved with respect to data recovery.

RDS-Knight 3.0 comes with five other great security features for RDS servers:

  • Homeland Protection: prevents foreign attackers from opening a session.
  • Prevents Brute-Force Attacks: blacklists the offending IP addresses.
  • Working Hours Restriction: prohibits users from connecting at night (per Users or Groups).
  • One Click to Secure Desktop: provides a highly secured user’s environment (per Users or Groups).
  • End-Point Device Protection: restricts access per device (per Users).

The new release contains others great features and enhancements, detailed in the Release Notes.

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