The RDS-Tools Team is proud to announce the general availability of RDS-Knight 3.2 version.It contains great new features and enhancements:

  • VNC support is now included for Homeland Access Protection and Brute-Force Attacks Defender:
  • Homeland Access Protection now supports TightVNC, UltraVNC, TigerVNC and RealVNC (standard ports only for RealVNC)
  • The Brute-Force Defender now supports UltraVNC and TightVNC.
  • Homeland Access Protection and Bruteforce Attack Defender features allow blocked IP addresses list to be filtered:
  • The timezone can now be selected to apply Working Hours Restriction rules differently depending on the employee's office location:
  • With your consent, RDS-Knight will be collecting and sending anonymous data in order to improve future releases:

(This box is checked by default, if you wish not to contribute, you can uncheck it.)

  • The overall performance is highly enhanced to deliver more security and reliability.
  • Ransomware Protection activation is now prevented if Windows Controlled Folder Access is enabled.
  • Ransomware Protection's quarantined files collision is now prevented by setting a unique file name.
  • Translations were updated.

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