With so many people still working from home, organizations and employees are more dependent than ever on remote access to internal PCs and networks. That means more users who need to tap into Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) accounts, making those accounts more ubiquitous and more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. RDS-Knight V5 offers the right protection.

Ransomware Exfiltrate and Eliminate Data Backups

Since 2018, ransomware attacks have been targeting data backups and exploiting remote desktop protocol (RDP) in order to encrypt files and expose victim organizations unwilling to pay the ransom.

The Vice President of Digital Infrastructure at ConvergeOne, Tim Femister, recently stated in an article for Forbes that there is a “fundamental shift [which can be noticed] in how ransomware operates”.  Now, Cyber-criminals are starting their malicious work by exfiltrating data and eliminating backups prior to encrypting files. Because of this new precaution, the ransoms demanded to decrypt files have reached new heights as companies have no other option to restore their data.  

Performing regular data backups and keeping them in a safe place is therefore primordial for any organization using Remote Desktop protocol to connect remote employees to the office and ensure business continuity. 

RDS-Knight is a cyber-security program, developed by RDS-Tools to fill the gap of efficient protection in RDP practices. 

Rich with seven powerful features, it allows in few easy steps to lock down remote servers and defend users against all kinds of threats, including ransomware attacks.

Stop Ransomware Attacks and Recover Important Data

Ransomware can be defeated, and organizations can prevent, detect and recover from modern threats by leveraging a layered architecture of safety measures! 

According to Tim Femister, there are five mandatory actions to take in order to prevent a fatal situation due to Ransomware attack; RDS-Knight covers all of them. 

RDS-Knight allows preventing unnecessary risks by restricting users’ environment, folders access and connection times. It constantly monitors servers and users and automatically blacklists IPs operating dangerous behavior such as trying to connect with the wrong password or from a forbidden country. It provides next-generation protections to secure endpoints and stop brute-force attacks and modern malware.

Version 5 released earlier this summer, delivers a brand-new ransomware protection able to stop any attack and save important data. It’s using cutting-edge technology and smart strategy based on the analysis of the current trends in cyberattacks to anticipate and respond to any new form of ransomware. 

By combining static analysis and behavioral analysis, RDS-Knight’s detection method for ransomware is unbeatable. However, in the rare case when the malware has time to encrypt some files before it is quarantined, RDS-Knight offers a solution to recover them in a click. 

Better than a vulnerable “back-up” disk, the “snapshots” feature creates instant photos of the programs and files opened before the attack; and stock them in its own database for a chosen retention period. They can be then restored to their previous state and location. 

This being said, the strongest protection has only a limited effect if it is not supported with “strong human firewalls [...] created through persistent training, culture and simulation.”

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