In light of the predicted increase in ransomware attacks this year, RDS-Tools has recently updated its RDS-Knight software to release RDS-Advanced Security, the all-in-one cybersecurity program for remote desktop installations, to protect organizations of all sizes against growing cyberthreats. 

Proactive Defence Against Ransomware Threats 

RDS-Advanced Security (formerly RDS-Knight) includes powerful features to protect against ransomware attacks. The Ransomware Protection feature works as a defensive shield by using advanced analysis techniques, including static and behavioural analysis, to catch ransomware unknown to antivirus and antimalware software. This feature detects and blocks attacks before they happen, quarantines suspicious documents or programs, and sends a warning with details of the attack. The admin can then whitelist what is considered safe.

Safeguarding Remote Desktop Users Against Scams 

RDS-Advanced Security also protects against online scams, such as phishing and vishing, through Windows Permissions Management and One-Click Secure Desktop. These features decrease the internal risks of remote desktop use by allowing admins to inspect and edit permissions per users or groups of users and lock the remote working environment per user and groups of users with three levels of protection. 

Protecting Corporate Data from Hackers 

To prevent hackers from stealing corporate data, RDS-Advanced Security features Hacker IP Protection, which instantly blocks over 613 million IPs identified as threats from day one of use, Brute-Force Defender, which automatically blocks fraudulent attempts to connect to a session using wrong credentials, Homeland Protection, which allows the restriction of access per geographic areas, and Endpoint protection, which restricts access per registered device and prevents the wrong people from accessing sensitive corporate data. 

"We are thrilled to announce the launch of RDS-Advanced Security, which provides organizations with the ultimate protection against 2023 cyberthreats," said Dominique Benoit, CEO of RDS-Tools. "We understand the importance of remote desktop security, and we are confident that RDS-Advanced Security will keep our customers protected from the ever-evolving threat landscape." 

RDS-Advanced Security is now available in version 6.4 with enhanced features. To learn more, visit the RDS-Tools website. 

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