In a repeat performance, RDS-Tools is proud to announce that its star software has again been nominated for the DCS Awards of the "ICT Security Product of the Year" 2020. In the same competition in 2019, RDS-Knight took third place in a hyper-competitive field - great recognition for the developer of this incredibly unique security tool for RDS servers.

Celebrating Excellence in Cyber Network Security

This year's edition of the DCS Awards is a special one. It's the 10th anniversary of this reputed ceremony supported by the Data Center Alliance, sponsored by Huawei and Starline. It is also special by its context: due to COVID, the celebration is only happening online.

On their website, the DCS Awards organizers set the scene:

"The award categories cover both the facilities and IT aspects of the data center.Recognizing the achievements of vendors, their business partners, their staff and their customers,organizations are voted for in their thousands by the readers of Data Centre Solutions, Digitalisation World, members of the Data Centre Alliance as well as peers, clients and other aspects of the supply chain."

As a provider of advanced threat protection and monitoring tools for RDS servers and Network Administrators, which greatly contribute to keeping Data Centers safe from hackers, it comes as no surprise that RDS-Tools has its place in the competition and a significant chance to win with RDS-Knight.

Votes Opened for the Only Anti-Ransomware to Protect Remote Desktop Users

With multiple cybersecurity solutions for endpoint security, antivirus protection, RDP defender and the latest addition of a powerful anti-ransomware, RDS-Knight is a must-have remote desktop security program.

The version 5, released in July 2020, brought a powerful new protection against ransomware attacks breaking in through remote desktop connections. These attacks are extremely dangerous. They can encrypt data and bring productivity to a complete stop. It is easy to imagine the damage that this can cause!

RDS-Knight uses smart cybersecurity technologies that can detect and stop EVERY ransomware intrusion. It does even more - it takes snapshots of files and folders opened during an attempt of encryption as a safety measure.

RDS-Tools has recently released a new video to present this excellent feature: Watch on YouTube.

DCS Awards is inviting users, resellers, and experts in the industry to cast a vote and let them know that RDS-Knight is the best security product for data centers.

VOTE NOW - There is only one week left.

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