RDS-Knight V5 is generally available since last month. This new release is a major update bringing important innovations to offer the best available Ransomware Protection on the market. Cybersecurity experts at RDS-Tools have been working for months to deliver an anti-malware capable of coping with today’s growing threats targeting remote desktop services.

Remote Access Needs the Right Protection for Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is an ever-increasing threat to remote desktop services. The COVID-19 crisis has only accelerated this trend with the generalization of Remote Working. Lately, attacks have reached a new record: Cyber criminals are breaking into organizations’ networks using remote connections, to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities and weak authentication.

As anexperienced provider of security solutions for remote access, RDS-Tools is wellaware of the risk. Since RDS-Knight first developments three years ago, R&DInvestments have been focused on reinforcing the Ransomware Protection efficiency.

RDS-Knight is a complete cybersecuritysolution for Remote Desktop services. It provides an array of tools to lock allpossible entry points and prevent breaches. Seven different features allowdelivering the best level of security for remote sessions, web portal andserver access. The mandatory Ransomware Protection is onlyavailable with the Ultimate Edition.

RDS-Knight V5 Offers Advanced Ransomware Protection

In its initial version, RDS-Knight’Ransomware Protection was able to quickly stop and quarantine the malware using fake folders as a honeypot to automatically detect the attack. The Version 5 is a major release and turn this tool into a super weapon: redeveloped from scratch, the program is an unbreakable Ransomware shield. 

The new Ransomware Protection ensures the highest efficiency thanks to a combination of two detection methods: static analysis – to read the code without running the suspicious program, and behavioral analysis – to immediately spot any attempt to modify local files. Thus, RDS-Knight is able to deal with well-known threats based on the current style of common ransomware, as well as to recognize the threats of tomorrow based on behavior.

This smartinnovation allows RDS-Knight to quickly detect ransomware as soon as ittries operating on the system and to block it before it can encrypt a singlefile.

screenshot RDS-Knight V5 Ransomware Protection - enabled
When enabled, Ransomware Protection detects ransomware and stops attacks before files get encrypted.

The protection offers even more: it provides a way to easily restore files and programs which were targeted by the malware to their original location in one click. To do so, RDS-Knight automatically captures “snapshots” of all opened files and running programs before and during the attack. These back-ups help tracking all modifications and eventually reset them in one click.

The feature’sparameters such as quantity of snapshots (in % of hard drive) and retentiontime can be managed from RDS-Knight’s “Advanced Setting” tab. 

RDS-Knight also includes a whitelist for admins to add programs and trusted publishers in order to prevent incompatibilities with others antivirus and to avoid false detection which could lead to the quarantine of business apps.

RDS-Knight V5 and its brand-new Ransomware Protection is available in free trial version.

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