As more people work from home, attacks targeting Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) have increased during the pandemic. To combat this trend, RDS-Knight, a product by RDS-Tools software, has been enhanced to provide the most efficient anti-ransomware available, in addition to other notable features like Brute-force protection. 

RDS-Tools development team is proud to announce even more performant and robust Ransomware Protection for companies using Remote Desktop! 


Remote Desktop solutions allow users to remotely access Windows servers or workstations, making this protocol widely used in organizations today. 

Ransomware remains a top threat in cybersecurity, and attacks on RDP have skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to shift to remote work. Ransomware attacks are still a serious threat, and victims are often ill-equipped to deal with them, which can result in paying a Bitcoin ransom. 

With the right cybersecurity program, organizations can keep their data safe. 

To address this issue, RDS-Knight has been enhanced to provide the most advanced anti-ransomware defence available. The latest version of the software (v5.3.3.15), released last week, brings important improvements and fixes for the best protection against Ransomware attacks. It includes more than 3,500 added static detection rules, improved behavioural detection, and a more efficient driver implementation for better recovery in the event of a system crash. 

Brute-force attacks are also a common threat against RDP. To protect against them, remote desktop services should be protected with strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, as well as security fixes to prevent attackers from exploiting known vulnerabilities. 

RDS-Knight and other RDS-Tools software products offer a wide range of features to keep networks and servers secure. Try them out for free during a 15-day trial. 

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