RDS-Tools, the leading provider of remote desktop solutions for Windows RDS Administrators, has announced a new version of RDS-Server Monitoring. The software, designed to monitor RDS servers and connections over Remote Desktop, features a new button that, when combined with the Remote Support application, provides an efficient troubleshooting toolbox for IT professionals to ensure remote workers' productivity. 

Improving Remote Workers' Productivity with Server Monitoring 

With the rise of remote work, many organizations are grappling with challenges such as communication barriers, security risks, and reduced productivity. To address these challenges, RDS-Tools has developed RDS-Server Monitoring and RDS-Remote Support to monitor user activity on remote sessions, as well as corporate resource usage and health. The resulting data, combined with useful reports, gives IT administrators the keys to maintaining a reliable remote work environment for the highest possible level of productivity. 

RDS-Server Monitoring is securely installed on a central server, allowing IT Managers and Network Administrators to remotely watch, manage and maintain all application servers, connected devices and remote sessions. The software provides useful reporting with pertinent information packed in simply designed and customizable graphs to fully understand risks and set up real-time alerts accordingly. The result is improved responsiveness and a better solving rate in case of issues with hardware or user experience. 

The Importance of Remote Support 

The new feature in RDS-Server Monitoring, "Export logs for support," aims to further facilitate the job of IT support agents and management outsourcing services when dealing with remote users. The feature allows IT professionals to gather useful information and zip it, ready to send to the support team for troubleshooting. It aggregates RDS-Server Monitoring UI, Service and WebApi logs, the agent logs (only the agent installed on the broker itself) and the agent config, and a registry export. 

In addition, RDS-Remote Support is an easy-to-use application that lets IT admins receive or provide help with computer problems over a secure remote connection. With users’ acceptance, it allows screen sharing and remote PC control to provide instant help, from and to any location with internet. The agent has access to any part of the computer, can use the user’s mouse and keyboard, and use the control panel, as well as uninstall problematic applications or drivers, clean malware that has not been loaded into memory and in general solve almost any type of PC problem. 

RDS-Server Monitoring and RDS-Remote Support can be easily tested and purchased together, as well as the rest of the RDS-Tools product line. With the new feature in RDS-Server Monitoring and the powerful capabilities of RDS-Remote Support, MSPs for cloud hosting administration and network administration, as well as RDS admins, have access to a complete toolkit for preventing and solving issues encountered by remote workers. For further detail, the documentation, as well as the changelog, are available online. 

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