RDS-Tools, a leading provider of software solutions for RDS administrators and MSPs, has unveiled a re-branding and unification of its entire line of products. The move aims to provide a clear identification of RDS-Advanced Security, RDS-Server Monitoring, and RDS-Remote Support on the market. 

The company's main objective is to assert its branding to stand out as a provider of remote desktop expert toolset. The RDS-Tools rebranding includes modernized logos, icons, and an updated presentation of its range of products. 

The new branding strategy highlights the unification of all derivative and related products under a common name, "RDS-Tools," with a strong identity. It reflects the idea of an ecosystem of related solutions for remote access security and network management. The company's long presence in the market for remote desktop and application delivery solutions gives it credibility to promote its range. 

As part of the rebranding, RDS-Tools has consistently updated the branding of its products over the past year, to clearly reflect their offer and positioning: 

  • >> First came the release of RDS-Remote Support
  • >> Server Genius became RDS-Server Monitoring 
  • >> RDS-Knight became RDS-Advanced Security

The new RDS-Tools branding identifies a comprehensive solution for network administrators and Management Service Providers. No matter the network infrastructure, the number of users, location, or budget, RDS-Tools has a solution that can fit and be deployed in the most optimized way. 

RDS-Tools has been committed to delivering cost-effective, user-friendly, and secure software solutions to its customers. The technology on which RDS-Tools products are built will continue to be enhanced and applied to each operating segment. 

With the new branding strategy in place, RDS-Tools has also revamped its website to offer visitors a richer experience, making it easier for customers to navigate through the RDS-Tools universe. To learn more, visit www.rds-tools.com

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