RDS-Tools is proud to announce the release of RDS-Remote Support V3, the latest version of its flagship remote support software. RDS-Remote Support V3 is a comprehensive and powerful SaaS solution designed specifically for IT administrators and tech support teams. 

The new version has been entirely redeveloped to provide an upgraded user experience, challenging the historical SaaS actors of the market such as TeamViewer and SupRemo. With this massive change, RDS-Tools hopes to exceed customer expectations and expand its market footprint. 

A Comprehensive SaaS Solution 

RDS-Remote Support V3 is a universal remote support SaaS solution, designed for remote tech agents and outsourcing companies. It boasts a new and improved interface and simplified installation process, making it easy for users to quickly get started without the hassle of learning a new process. 

One of the major differences between RDS-Remote Support and its competitors is the price. RDS-Remote Support is now offered as a SaaS with a monthly subscription, giving customers great flexibility when planning their IT budget while also making this solution affordable for the majority. The price is fixed per simultaneous connections on a remote computer, starting at $14.50 for one connection, with access to up to 50 unattended PCs. 

Screen Sharing Made Easy 

RDS-Remote Support V3 enables users to share their screen with a support agent in just one click, without requiring any installation on the client-side. It is the exact same program that runs for both agents and users. The distinction now relies on the one who controls and the one who shares the screen. 

To connect to the user's screen, the agent must enter the client ID and the one-time password created by RDS-Remote Support. Agents can create a personal login with a password to easily access their records of user information and PC IDs, including the list of unattended computers. 

A Comprehensive Set of Features 

RDS-Remote Support V3 focuses on features that are commonly needed in a variety of support environments. It offers screen sharing, remote PC, mouse, and keyboard control, unattended access, chatbox, information on the client device and system, send command lines, file sharing, clipboard, and session sharing. 

Beyond the basics, RDS-Remote Support V3 offers some helpful management features for support agents. The "Computers" tab tracks each new connection and automatically adds the client to a list of known PCs. Via the "Advanced" tab, users can enable unattended access to their PC, and agents can generate clients, customize the required client's information, and access connection reporting. 

RDS-Remote Support V3 also automatically scales display quality to accommodate bandwidth limitations, keeping the connection working smoothly and quickly under conditions that might be problematic for other similar tools. 

To Sum Up 

With all these enhancements, RDS-Remote Support V3 is easier, faster, and budget-friendly, making it the ultimate SaaS solution for IT administrators and tech support teams. The software is generally available for download in a full-featured 15-day trial version. Monthly subscriptions can also be made online via the dedicated website. 

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