RDS-Tools has announced a new version of its popular monitoring tool, RDS-Server Monitoring. The latest version is a powerful and user-friendly stand-alone software that enables RDS administrators and MSPs to monitor their corporate networks in detail. 

RDS-Server Monitoring is designed to collect, display, and report an array of critical information, including server hardware health and resource usage, website traffic and availability, and Remote Desktop user sessions and related activity. By providing this information in real-time, network administrators can take proactive steps to improve network health and performance. 

The tool also helps RDS administrators in their daily tasks by providing information on each server regarding hardware usage, simultaneous connections, and user habits in monitored sessions. It's a great way to detect which applications are popular and which ones are neglected, helping organizations work out IT and licensing budgets. The software also tracks the stability and traffic of websites to spot when their use is highest, which can cause increased response times or server downtime. 

Advanced Reporting for Better Network Planning 

In the latest version, RDS-Server Monitoring offers a practical way to perform regular reporting on network health. IT services can use the reports to plan maintenance, updates, and network upgrades with the best available information. The software provides both real-time and historical reports that can be fully customized with the brand or company logo, a selected time range, graphics, data, fonts, and watermarks, among other options. These professional reports can be exported to Excel, printed, or directly shared with the rest of the team and executives via scheduled emailing. 

Efficient Server Administration for Complex Network Infrastructure 

RDS-Server Monitoring is the right tool to centrally monitor a complex network infrastructure with a farm of servers and multiple connected clients. The Administration Console is simple and user-friendly, and each monitored server requires only a small monitoring agent to be installed. This makes setup and monitoring of multiple servers painless and quick. It includes an advanced alerts system and the ability to set customizable thresholds for target situations such as when the free Disk space reaches as low as 20%, or when a website's loading time is higher than 3 sec. 

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