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Offices are decentralizing. Remote offices and mobile employees are at an all-time high. With the increased flexibility that comes with working in a remote environment, there are also increased risks. Malware and Ransomware run rampant on the internet. Login information is vulnerable. Strong passwords and careful users just aren’t enough to ensure security anymore. 

RDS-Knight is the intelligent solution. With RDS-Knight, Administrators can use a wide array of flexible tools to control access to remote servers. Designed by security experts and updated regularly, RDS-Knight stays on the cutting edge of remote desktop security.

With the recent update to Version 4.0, RDS-Knight continues to lead the way in bringing easy to manage, highly configurable security solutions to businesses around the world.

Powerful Security for Businesses Large or Small

RDS-Knight 4.0 is available in two editions – RDS-Knight Security Essentials and RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection. Whether you are a small startup or an established global enterprise, RDS-Knight can be scaled to your needs – and your budget.

RDS-Knight exists in two Editions:

  • RDS-Knight Security Essentials provides 4 types of protection – the basic tools every good administrator needs to control access to corporate remote servers:
    • Homeland Protection: Prevents foreign attackers from opening remote sessions.
    • Brute-Force Defender: Blacklist suspicious or troublesome IP addresses and limit failed login attempts.
    • Permissions: Inspect Users and Groups Permissions on folders and files with one click.
    • Working Hours Restriction: Control the days and times that users can access the remote servers accesses. 
  • RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection includes all the great security features of RDS-Knight Security Essentials, and adds more great features:
    • Permissions: Inspect and Manage Users and Groups Permissions on folders and files with just a few clicks.
    • One Click to Secure Desktop: Simple remote access group policy control.
    • End-Point Device Protection: Restrict access by device name.
    • Ransomware Protection: Ransomware is quickly becoming one of the most common forms of cyber-threats. RDS-Knight Ransomware Protection stops Ransomware in its tracks.

Features Overview

With an access to the 5 last security events, RDS-Knight Homepage is a real dashboard, showing at a glance how secure is your network. Take action without losing any second! If necessary, you can also directly update to the latest version.

Homeland Protection

If your users are located in the US, UK and Canada, It may not make sense to allow connections from China, India, Iran, or Germany.

Using country based whitelists, Homeland Protection lets administrators quickly and easy restrict incoming connections to the countries necessary for your business operations.

This feature is included in RDS-Knight Security Essentials.


Brute Force Defender

Brute force attacks are one of the oldest tricks in the hacker’s tool kit. Using automated bots, hackers can attempt to force access using password generators. These attacks can number in the hundreds or even thousands of attempts per minute. Even an unsuccessful brute force attack can have negative performance impacts on your server.

BruteForce Defender stops brute force attacks quickly. Your server will no longer have to process thousands of failed login attempts. BruteForce Defender uses a combination of whitelists and limits on failed login attempts to reject brute force attacks before they become a problem!

This feature is included in RDS-Knight Security Essentials.


Global IP Management

Easily manage IP addresses from one place with a single list for both blocked and whitelisted IP addresses.

This means that all IPs detected by Homeland and BruteForce protections are centralized here to check, edit, add or remove at your convenience. IP address lists are searchable, making address management easy.

This feature is included in RDS-Knight Security Essentials.


On Windows, permissions are taken care of by the Operating System which defines, by default, the scope of privileges for each user profile (read, write, modify) and automatically prevents access to sensitive locations on the server.

There are times, however, when it’s necessary to manually configure permissions for the best network security. That’s the case if your organization uses Remote Desktop technology. 

The “Permissions” dashboard displays the list of users and groups and the list of available folders, side-by-side. Everything is visible at one spot, which makes it super easy to Inspect (RDS-Knight Essentials) and Edit (RDS-Knight Ultimate) privileges for one user at a time, increasing the accuracy of the restrictions.

This feature is included in RDS-Knight Security Essentials (Inspect) and RDS-Knight Ultimate (Inspect and Manage).

Working Hours Restriction

Network security is more complicated than just deciding who can access your servers. Once you have granted access to all the right people, the question becomes: When should the users have access?

Working Hours give administrators the tools limit remote access to only the days and times required for business operations.

This feature is included in RDS-Knight Security Essentials.


Secure Desktops*

With Secure Desktops, we have taken the guesswork out of RDS Group Policy management.

Secure Desktops offers a simple slider interface to choose access policies for users or groups. Each level of security has been meticulously crafted to the IT industry’s best practices standards


EndPoint Protection*

User credentials are always a potential vulnerability. With large scale data breaches happening regularly and user information being exposed by even some of the most trusted internet sources, enforcing extra layers of security is a necessary part of server administration. Keeping those processes transparent to the end user isn’t always easy.

Endpoint Protection offers a simple way to keep your servers safe, even if a user’s credentials have been compromised.

With Endpoint Protection, Administrators can link user accounts directly to specific device names. If a user’s credentials become compromised, attackers can’t use them to log in to your servers without a device that is linked to that user.  

Stop Ransomware Attacks*

Ransomware is the most significant of today’s cyber threats. Attackers can encrypt or even permanently delete your data. Paying the ransom is no guarantee that your data will be restored. The best way to deal with ransomware is to stop it before attackers have the chance to disrupt your server. Ransomware Protection will efficiently detect and block ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Protection instantly warns you as soon as it detects a ransomware activity on your system, providing you with the list of the infected items to quarantine. You get detailed information about the attack source to avoid this issue in the future. You can easily whitelist the programs you know as safe via the “Advanced Settings” tab!

RDS-Knight protects your system from Ransomware attacks

* – These features are available only in RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection Edition

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