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Remote Assistance

Designed to meet the needs of both agents and end-users

Agents can remotely control the screen, mouse, and keyboard of end-users with just one mouse click from the end-user. The chat box appears immediately after the connection is established, and the remote support session starts.

Agents can work independently or collaboratively, with multiple agents able to connect to the same remote computer.

Both agents and end-users have a customized chat box. The agent’s chat box contains necessary information and all the standard functions required to run the session.

The end-user chat box is designed for a user-friendly experience and includes key functions such as file sharing.

Agents and end-users can both upload and share files with each other.

The agent can easily change the language of the remote support interface.

Agents can send keyboard commands, such as ctrl+alt+del or opening the Task Manager on remote computers. Agents can also send remote commands via CLI without initiating a screen-sharing session.

Agents have access to all displays on a remote computer in a multi-monitor configuration.

Agents can view information about the remote PC’s OS, hardware, and user account.

Record remote sessions and send them to your clients for a better customer service experience.

Support agents can enable or disable the copy-paste clipboard functionality between the agent and the end-user PC.

Support agents can easily take screenshots in one click during the session.

Attended and Unattended Session Sharing

Enable quick and easy remote connections

Security and Hosting


Remote Support leverages the power of industry-standard TLS encryption to ensure the security of your remote support sessions.

The servers powering RDS-Remote Support are expertly managed and located globally for optimal customer experience.

RDS-Tools goes above and beyond by not only managing the connection servers but also automatically updating the connection client software.

If an agent or end-user starts the remote support program with an outdated version, the software will update itself to the latest version, complete with all the latest fixes and features, every time.

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