AnyDesk is a popular tool for remote desktop and screen sharing, widely used by IT professionals, MSPs, Microsoft resellers and more. It is known for troubleshooting and technical support. While its utility is undeniable, ensuring the security of your devices and data by controlling AnyDesk access remains paramount. This guide provides detailed steps to stop unwanted AnyDesk access, addressing both immediate disconnection and long-term security measures. That done, you can see how RDS-Tools Remote Support does the job securely and simply for less.

How to Stop AnyDesk Access on Desktop

Terminate an Ongoing AnyDesk Session

When an active session is underway, it is crucial to terminate it properly to ensure no unauthorized access continues.

·       Step 1: Locate the AnyDesk application running on your desktop.

·       Step 2: Click the red "Disconnect" button on the AnyDesk window to end the session.

·       Step 3: Check that AnyDesk is not running in the background by checking the system tray and Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).

Prevent AnyDesk from Loading at Startup

Stopping AnyDesk from launching at startup enhances security and improves boot time.

1.   On Windows

·       Method 1: Using Task Manager

o   Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).

o   Go to the "Startup" tab.

o   Select AnyDesk and click "Disable".

·       Method 2: Using Services

o   Press Win + R, type services.msc, and press Enter.

o   Find AnyDesk Service, right-click, and select "Properties".

o   Set the Startup type to "Manual" or "Disabled".

o   Click "Stop" to halt the service.

2.   On Mac

·       Open System Preferences and navigate to "Users & Groups".

·       Select your user account and click "Login Items".

·       Find AnyDesk and click the minus (-) button to remove it from the list.

How to Stop AnyDesk Access on Mobile

Disconnecting and Uninstalling

1.   On iPhone

·       Method 1: Long-press the App Icon

o   Long-press the AnyDesk icon on the home screen.

o   Tap "Remove App" > "Delete App" > "Delete".

·       Method 2: Using Settings

o   Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

o   Find AnyDesk and tap "Delete App".

2.   On Android

·       Method 1: Long-press the App Icon

o   Long-press the AnyDesk icon in the app drawer.

o   Tap "Uninstall".

·       Method 2: Using Settings

o   Go to Settings > Apps > AnyDesk.

o   Tap "Uninstall".

Additional Security Measures

Disable Unattended Access

Unattended Access allows remote connections with prior user approval. The fact it was approved for a given situation does not mean it should be left authorized beyond that occasion. Disabling it is crucial for preventing unplanned and therefore unauthorized access.

·       Open AnyDesk and go to Settings > Security.

·       Under "Unattended Access", un-check "Enable unattended access".

·       Click "Clear all tokens" to remove all existing permissions.

Use Further Security Measures

·       Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Add an extra layer of security by requiring a second form of verification.

·       Regularly Update Passwords: Change AnyDesk passwords periodically and use strong, unique passwords.

·       Monitor Recent Sessions: Regularly check "Recent Sessions" in AnyDesk to identify any unauthorized access.

Recommended Maintenance Kit: RDS Tools

If you decide to stop using AnyDesk, consider switching to RDS Tools, which offers robust remote support solutions tailored for IT professionals. RDS Tools Remote Support provides secure, user-friendly screen sharing and control. A great means to collaborate, troubleshoot, train and more, whether in one place or from across the seven seas You can team it up with advanced security tools and easy-as-pie monitoring, ensuring your data remains smoothly accessible and robustly protected.

Top Notch Secure Remote Desktops with RDS Tools

All you need to keep your RDS and Microsoft Desktops environment on top form:

Remote Support

·       Comprehensive Access Controls: Fine-tune permissions for remote access.

·       Enhanced Monitoring: Keep track of all remote sessions and actions.

·       Secure Connectivity: Benefit from high-grade encryption and secure communication channels.

·       Seamless Integration: Works seamlessly with Microsoft RDS, providing a reliable and efficient remote support solution, share screens for troubleshooting and fixing or for training and team-collaboration.

·       Attended or unattended, Screen-Control or Command-line, Wake-on-LAN and more.

Advanced Security

·       Intrusion Detection: Monitor and block unauthorized IP access or log-in attempts in real-time.

·       Endpoint Protection: Ensure that all end points are secure with up-to-date protection measures.

·       User Activity Monitoring: Track and log user activities to detect any suspicious behavior promptly.

Server Monitoring

·       Real-time Monitoring: Keep an eye on server performance and health with real-time alerts.

·       Proactive Management: Identify and resolve issues before they impact users.

·       Detailed Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports to understand server usage and performance trends.

Cross-Platform Remote Support

RDS Tools supports seamless Windows-to-Mac and Mac-to-Windows remote support, ensuring that IT professionals can provide assistance across different operating systems effortlessly. This cross-platform compatibility enhances productivity and reduces support response times, making RDS Tools an ideal choice for diverse IT environments.


Staying in control of AnyDesk access is essential for maintaining the security of your devices and data. By following the steps outlined in this guide, IT professionals, MSPs and software resellers can effectively manage and secure remote access, ensuring that only authorized users can connect. For our secure, swift and reliable remote control solution, consider transitioning to RDS Tools, which offers advanced security features and robust performance tailored to your professional needs. Visit RDS Tools for more information on our complementary solutions for RDS.

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