Remote access and control software has revolutionized the way businesses operate by providing access to computers and servers from anywhere in the world. With the rise of remote access use, it is clear the need to provide support for remote devices and networks can only rise in proportion.

RDS-Tools is a leading provider of robust tools for MSPs, IT professionals and IT admins surrounding Microsoft RDS. Amongst other things, it offers powerful software that enables seamless remote control capabilities. In this article, we will explore the various features and applications of RDS-Remote Support. Take a closer look at some specific features and what benefits they yield. Before concluding, we will delve into the significance of the tool’s brand new Wake-on-LAN functionality, which further enhances remote control capabilities.

RDP Client Software Tailored for IT Professionals Big and Small

RDP clients are the software which makes the remote connections possible for a given operating system. They are specific to the OS and often also to its version. Each client software enables more or less features and possibilities. Examples of actions the client software will let agents perform are: see and control the host screen, send and/or receive files, send command lines, see the properties of the host device, fix issues, update it, and so on.

RDS-Tools has developed its remote support software to control unlimited devices with multiple screens, potentially from a number of agent devices, and with attended and unattended access, and more. It is a quick and easy tool to set-up on any machine, especially for hosts, who have nothing to install.

Unattended Remote Control with RDS-Tools

RDS-Remote Support software empowers businesses with unattended remote control capabilities, allowing system administrators to access and manage computers and servers even when no user is present at the remote machine. This feature proves particularly beneficial in scenarios where frequent intervention is required on multiple systems across different locations. With RDS-Tools' solution, remote sessions can be initiated with ease, enabling efficient troubleshooting, software updates and maintenance tasks. The robust security measures implemented by RDS-Tools ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to remote resources, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Attended Remote Control with RDS-Tools

In addition to unattended remote control, RDS-Tools' RDP client software offers attended remote control functionalities, enabling real-time collaboration and support. Such a feature proves invaluable for help-desk support teams, allowing them to connect to end-users' devices and resolve issues promptly. By sharing the remote user's screen, the support team can diagnose problems accurately, provide step-by-step guidance, and even seamlessly transfer files between systems. This can also be done in collaboration with colleagues since inviting other agents to interact is quick.

Perfect when a particular issue needs solving by a panel of expertise. Training purposes can also be met with this versatile software. RDS-Remote Support attended access ensures a smooth and productive user experience, reducing downtime and enhancing customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Improving Productivity with Wake-on-LAN RDP Client Software Feature

One noteworthy addition to RDS-Remote Support is its integrated support for Wake-on-LAN (WoL). WoL enables administrators to remotely power on or wake up computers that are off, or in sleep or hibernation mode. By sending a special "magic packet" over the network, administrators can awaken a computer and establish an RDP connection without requiring physical access to the machine. This capability proves highly valuable in scenarios where resources need to be accessed outside regular working hours or in situations where computers are configured to enter power-saving modes. With Wake-on-LAN as part of their support tools, businesses can efficiently plan ahead and schedule work. This, in turn, enhances use of time and productivity, ensuring round-the-clock availability of critical resources.

Benefits of RDS-Remote Support for IT Support and Training

1.    RDS-Tools' RDP client software simplifies the management of remote support devices, streamlining remote management. It provides a centralized platform to access and control any number of computers effortlessly.

2.    RDS-Remote Support incorporates robust security measures, TLS encryption protocols and access control policies. Servers are dedicated, ensuring secure remote connections and protecting sensitive data.

3.    The attended remote control feature enables seamless collaboration between support teams and end-users, facilitating faster issue resolution and minimizing downtime. Teams can work together where needed and collaborate or learn from colleagues accordingly.

4.    RDS-Remote Support is a cost-effective remote control solution. It eliminates the need for physical travel and enables efficient management of geographically dispersed resources.

Conclusion on RDP Client Software

RDS - Remote Support empowers businesses with comprehensive remote control capabilities, allowing efficient management and support of computers and servers. With features like unattended and attended remote control, MSPs and IT admins and other IT professionals can streamline operations, enhance productivity and deliver efficient customer support. Additionally, the integration of Wake-on-LAN functionality further extends the reach of remote control, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical resources. By leveraging RDS-Tools' powerful RDP client software, companies can embrace the advantages of remote control technology and stay ahead in today's dynamic business landscape.

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