Straightforward and versatile are essential adjectives for good remote support software. Most will agree that when things get critical, simple adaptable software can make all the difference.

MSPs, IT teams or professionals, support providers… all require RDS or similar to provide distant support. Does the user to whom you are responding lack IT expertise? Is your business dependent on the smooth operation of your colleague’s device? Who and what is reliant on your distant support skills and therefore on the quality of your work and the tools you use? In any case, let us make sure to combine RDS Security with Remote Support.

User-Friendly Secure Remote Support

Generally, remote support entails an end-user (or host) transferring control of their device to someone capable of resolving a given issue. They may know the agent beforehand, or they may not. As this uncertainty can generate worry, a simple connexion process is welcome.

With RDS-Tools Remote Support, the steps involve sending out a support request to the chosen agent and then validating their acceptance using credentials that cannot be used a second time.

Sturdy and Reliable RDS Tools for Trustworthy IT Remote Support Agents

Ensuring the product is sturdy and reliable, has been crucial to our developers, as much as it being user-friendly which is why it requires no installation. Also, RDS-Tools Remote Support employs end-to-end encryption, utilizes SSL certificates, and can be combined with RDS-Tools Advanced Security to alleviate all concerns about security.

What’s more, our software is hosted in our own dedicated servers making it fast and secure. Plus, should you need a self-hosted infrastructure, feel free to contact our sales and support teams to find out what is possible.

Additionally, verifying the support agent's identity is another critical aspect as mentioned above. It is likely many users will have subscriptions with Managed Service Providers or ongoing support from in-house technicians. This provides a basis for identity verification before connecting. Finally, our software automatically generates a fresh connection password to complete the host credentials.

RDS-Tools Advanced Security as an Add-on for Solid Cyber Security

RDS-Tools Advanced Security grants RDS infrastructures and their users enhanced cyber-protection. It leverages features like the millions of blocked malicious IPs, whitelisting, country validation and much more. While not mandatory, we highly recommend this extra layer of cybersecurity. Remember how news about hacking and cyber-attacks is never faraway.

Anytime Anyplace Secure Remote Support

As remote work becomes increasingly common, technical issues with devices and networks arise regularly. Remote support offers a brilliant way to provide solutions from a distance. It allows for rapid issue resolution without the need for physical presence. This flexibility is particularly valuable in the current landscape.

RDS-Tools Remote Support offers both one-off and recurrent access. Unattended Access allows the agent to work while the user is away so long as it has been validated beforehand. By providing a broader time range for intervention, this feature is a significant time-saver. Indeed, it enables maintenance and updates to take place during hours without impact on other users and their work.

RDS-Tools Remote Support - Other Features

Many must-have features figure in RDS-Tools Remote Support: control screens, mouse and keyboard, synchronize clipboards, transfer files, capture UAC screens, chat between host, agent and invite extra agents for collaboration or training purposes. Support sessions can also be run in Command lines mode or you can send some specific choice commands our developers have included from the menu in the RDS-Tools Remote Support Chat.

Conclusion: Dependable RDS Security and Remote Support

RDS-Tools Remote Support and Advanced Security can work in tandem to enhance your RDS infrastructure. With its array of features, RDS-Tools Remote Support seamlessly integrates into any company's IT toolkit while remaining quite affordable. Advanced Security, on the other hand, completes your RDS set-up to keep it safe and protected.

Whether for in-house or MSP contexts, RDS-Tools software scales in a few clicks and still offer flexibility in pricing and licenses. Discover without delay how RDS-Tools can guard your IT infrastructure and help you keep your park in full working order.

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