In today's science-fictional IT landscape, IT teams, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT service providers face the constant challenge of providing remote support efficiently and securely. Remote support software must be reliable, user-friendly and trustworthy. That especially applies for all those working with users who may have limited IT knowledge. RDS-Tools Remote Support is the affordable answer to these requirements, offering efficient, secure and cost-effective solution for IT professionals and SaaS providers.

Trustworthy RDP Software for Trustworthy IT Teams

Trust is atthe heart of effective remote support. IT professionals need assurance that both the remote support tool and the support agent are dependable. RDS-Tools Remote Support addresses these concerns with its robust security features. It boast send-to-end encryption and uses SSL certificates, ensuring that your remote sessions are protected. Additionally, RDS Tools self-hosts its Remote Support software, so you and your customers need not install it themselves, minimising potential vulnerabilities.

When it comes to support interventions, many users have a working relationship with their IT technicians or MSPs. This familiarity with their support agent helps build and maintain trust. At RDS-Tools, we are intent on ensuring the verification of agent identity remains efficient and simple. The random passcode generated by our console is a great way to double check the other party’s identity before initiating a remote support session.

NB: If you use our software to provide training remotely, you are likely to use similar steps to ensure you are truly speaking to the right person. Nonetheless, audio or video calls will in such cases alleviate part of this for you since they greatly complicate faking one’s identity.

RDP Security Add-on Product for Extra Cyber Protection

As purveyors of remote support and other services, you can take advantage of RDS-Tools Advanced Security's extensive threat protection capabilities. With millions of malicious IP addresses blocked, your IT infrastructure remains safeguarded. While optional, this additional layer of security can be a sensible choice for those prioritising cyber protection.

IT Issues Need Support Wherever and Whenever

In today's world of remote work and digital transformation, technical issues can arise at any time. Whether it is a minor glitch or a critical problem, remote support enables swift and efficient responses. Indeed, it is simple and fluid and our regional servers, dotted around the globe, make it exceptionally fast. What’s more, our developers’ team have been working behind the scenes and preparing a useful additional feature for this tool.

All that and more mean RDS Tools Remote Support frees your teams and clients to excel in providing timely assistance, ensuring that IT issues do not disrupt end-user workflow.

RDS-Tools Remote Support: Unattended Access – Anytime Anywhere

One standout feature of our Remote Support is its unattended access capability. It allows support agents to perform maintenance, updates and troubleshooting even when users are away from their workstations. This feature significantly enhances productivity and minimises disruptions.

Moreover, it enables essential tasks like maintenance and updates to occur during off-peak hours, reducing the impact on server performance and user experience. Coupled with the recent Wake-on-LAN addition, unattended access is a real key to organisational freedom and efficiency.

Simple and Practical Features of RDS-Tools Remote Support

Beyond these, RDS Tools Remote Support offers a suite of practical features for IT professionals and support teams. These include screen control, clipboard synchronisation, file transfer, chat support and the ability to send command lines. The multi-monitor support allows seamless navigation between multiple screens, making remote troubleshooting more efficient. Multi-user session sharing is perfect for training and demonstration purposes, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members.

Customisation for Visible Identity - Building Brand Coherence

Remote Support by RDS-Tools lets support agents customise their profiles with their name, job title and photo. You can also brand the interface with your company logo and banner, enhancing your professional image. Customisable emails further reinforce your organisation's identity. With the option to host Remote Support on-premises, you can ensure that sensitive data remains within the secure boundaries of your company.

Conclusion on RDS-Tools RDP Products: Simple, Affordable and Secure Remote Support

In summary, RDS Tools Remote Support is a powerful and cost-effective tool that seamlessly integrates into your IT toolkit. Whether you are an MSP, a service provider or are part of an in-house IT team, RDS Tools software scales to meet your needs, both in terms of pricing and licensing. Say goodbye to complex and expensive solutions like TeamViewer and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of RDS Tools Remote Support. It is the best value-for-money contender in the market and it is here to empower your IT support journey.

Are you ready to elevate your remote support capabilities? Try RDS-Tools Remote Support today and experience the difference. With a range of subscription options tailored to your needs, it is the ideal choice for IT professionals and SaaS providers alike.

Stay tuned for an exciting update! RDS-Tools is actively working on Mac compatibility, expanding its reach to even more platforms. You will soon be able to include this operating system to the strings on your bow with RDS-Tools Remote Support.

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