Nowadays, the term “customer services” and "help desk" can get used interchangeably. Nonetheless, one remains a general after sales port of call while the other serves as a hub for information and technical support. However, fundamentally, both will usually either resolve queries themselves or pass them on to a more specialised department. Due to this, IT professionals know best that "support" or "support services” can be quite a lifeline. This is the case of our product, RDS-Tools Remote Support.

In-house or Outsourced, Remote Support is Key in Windows Environments

Help desks offer a range of services though the entry point could be one same telephone number. Thankfully, with the advent of Internet and social media, email and a variety of contact forms is now added. Depending on company size, outsourcing may be an option or a necessity. The main reasons to tip the balance in one direction or the other are staffing, knowledge and skills, opening hours and budget. For support, as in other matters, businesses choose from the options at hand for best results.

Great Remote Support Tools for Windows Whatever the Needs

Being able to provide remote support in an instant remains paramount, even with needs ranging from lack of technical know-how to addressing peaks in demand, through to issues related managing software packages and updates or distant offices. Your managed services provision has been waiting for RDS-Tools Remote Support to kit out your teams to provide the best remote IT maintenance ever. Supporting your IT ecosystem or that of your clients or colleague with a SaaS remote solution could release potential you had not thought possible.

Advanced Software for IT Support Help-desks

Indeed, services by IT businesses, software developers, MSPs, resellers, administrators and SaaS all rely on help-desks for troubleshooting and maintenance. Here is a scalable solution to shape up your technical team, whether they will be working on in-house support to resolve issues or providing your remote assistance and device control services far and wide.

RDS-Tools Remote Support permits comprehensive remote control actions. It enables remote access to devices, screen control, keyboard and mouse functionality, unattended access and device-list management. All-in-all, it empowers agents to resolve issues from a distance individually or as teams. Adding and removing devices, assigning them to users, modifying permissions, all these are within its capacities. The administration features make it a great management asset for any IT team and mean it is useful for more than support. If you are curious: you may be interested to know that training is amongst its primary other usages. Providers in the sector of education and academia, take note.

RDS-Tools for Powerful Remote Control SaaS

Our subscription-based model guarantees the latest features, enabling MSPs and businesses to harness its notable features without a large initial investment.  More highlights include a chat box, file transfer, clipboard, send command, multi-screen support, invite multi-users,Mac compatibility and Wake-on-LAN. Furthermore, remember it allows extensive customisation with branded colours, logos and brief messages. All you need to do a great job.

Concluding Thoughts on Using RDS-Tools Remote Support in Windows Environments Whether In-house or for Outsourcing

More companies than ever offer outsourced services aiming to enhance service quality and to lower or at least spread costs. By outsourcing non-core tasks, businesses can focus on their strengths, gaining a competitive edge. Software, especially in the form of SaaS, plays a crucial role in modern IT operations.

RDS-Tools Remote Support offers a complete solution, taking care of updates and hosting.It distinguishes itself as a self-hosted, easy-to-scale and highly secure tool initially designed for Windows environments. To ensure swift, efficient support while keeping on top of security, choose RDS-Tools Remote Support.

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