In today's IT landscape, remote support and desktop sharing tools have become second nature to many worldwide. As IT professionals, MSPs, and IT administrators, remote access and control software enables efficient troubleshooting, seamless collaboration and enhanced productivity across distributed teams. For many of your colleagues, clients and all those who connect remotely thanks to your services, these tools mean remote work, less commuting, easier business trips and continuity between the office and any other place from which they may need to work.

While Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a popular choice for remote access, it often requires additional tools to maximise its potential. Fortunately, RDS-Tools offers an affordable and easy-to-implement complementary solution for Microsoft RDS. RDS-Remote Support empowers IT businesses with comprehensive screen and device control capabilities. So, read on for safe and simple remote support for RDS.

The Power of RDS-Tools for Remote Support:

Be it to provide updates or fixes or to collaborate on a project, remote control software can work wonders in a team. In that vein, RDS-Tools is a robust software suite designed to optimise remote support and desktop sharing workflows. Unlike traditional RDP implementations, RDS-Tools integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures, offering enhanced security, advanced monitoring and streamlined support.

With RDS-Tools Remote Support, IT professionals can effortlessly deliver remote support. The administrator’s console makes troubleshooting technical issues and collaborating with end-users pleasantly fluid, from anywhere, at any time. Our self-hosted dedicated servers dotted around the globe ensure speedy connections and communication as well as state-of-the-art security.

Secure Remote Connections for Safe and Simple Remote Support for RDS

Cyber-security is paramount, especially when it comes to remote support and desktop sharing. RDS-Remote Support ensures secure connections between IT agents and end-users, safeguarding sensitive data and mitigating potential risks. Indeed, the passcodes for an impromptu support session are randomly generated, so unpredictable. Also, in the case of unattended sessions, access is granted on prior agreement between the user and the agent whose support they want to be able to receive while being away from their device. The correct identification credentials must be communicated by the host to the agent. That way the connection is activated in advance. That done, the agent will remain able to provide unattended support so long as the end-user leaves the authorisation active.

All these steps contribute to guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of remote sessions. Thus, RDS Remote Support provides peace of mind to any IT professionals, all the more those dealing with confidential information.

RDS-Tools: Advanced Security and Server Monitoring Capabilities:

Monitoring and security are two other facets of the RDS-Tools toolkit. Our experience and the work of our teams has brought us to see the need to make available this trio of support, security and monitoring software, to as wide an audience as possible.

Adequately managing remote sessions is critical for maintaining a stable IT environment. As important as watching out for the servers and websites involved. RDS-Server Monitoring offers comprehensive monitoring features that allow IT administrators to track user activities and other metrics. Similarly, RDS-Advanced Security completes any IT infrastructure by protecting it from just about any cyber-threat.

RDS Remote Support Administrator Console: for Efficiency and Simplicity

RDS-Tools simplifies the administration of remote support and screen sharing environments. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive management tools, the console is second nature to navigate. Indeed, its design is that of any browser, with tabs and menus. There are some select options and possibilities, those seen as the essential ones. IT professionals can effortlessly configure and deploy remote access policies, manage user permissions and customise session settings. This streamlined entry point saves valuable time and resources, enabling IT administrators to focus on more strategic tasks.

RDS Remote Support and Chat Window

Whether tailored to your company colours or not, the RDS-Remote Support chat window opens seamlessly. Then, the agent and host can generally see the host screen. The menu in the chat box provides the agent with a range of essential tools and actions such as copy and paste, share file, send command line.

There is also the possibility to choose which screen to view. Therefore, the agent might share their screen or that of any invited colleague, for example for demonstration or training purposes. Another handy action is viewing the device information, so an agent can easily access machine specifications for practical or troubleshooting purposes. Other actions such as session recording and reports can be put to use in various contexts.

Once the session is over, either party can close the session window. Bear in mind that just minimising the chat windows will not cut the connection. On the other hand, when the host closes their chat window, that puts an end to the session and its connection. If the host has only granted the agent attended access, that is the end of that until the next request. So to end a session, simply closing the chat window suffices unless of course the agent has received the host’s authorisation for unattended access. In which case, the agent can initiate an unattended session whenever needed as long as the host computer is available.

Wake-on-LAN for Simpler Unattended Remote Support for RDS

This is our most recent addition and a feature which our development team were particularly proud to present. It extends the possibilities of unattended access, making it even more powerful. Indeed, wake-on-LAN is a special configuration of a computer device meaning it will accept what is called a “magic packet” sent to turn it on or raise it from sleep or hibernation, in other words “wake” it. There are a number of prerequisite actions to take to enable wake-on-LAN. These are necessary since it is not a set-up to take lightly, security-wise, so which must be carried out properly.

For energy saving purposes and privacy purposes, this is a brilliant tool. Not all devices need to constantly be on yet they may nonetheless be essential machines to access at particular times. Others need to be switched off rather than simply re-started as part of an update or reparation process. Bystanders should not have access to devices that are literally none of their business.

Affordable Alternative to Microsoft RDS Add-ons:

Granted, implementing the Microsoft RDS add-ons you need to complete RDS can be a complex and costly endeavour. Nevertheless, RDS-Remote Support offers a cost-effective alternative to these which neither compromises on functionality nor performance. By leveraging our software, IT administrators, IT professionals, MSPs etc. can each achieve more with less. Less cost, less set-up time, less complication. Our screen sharing tool provides the benefits of remote support and screen sharing without the financial burden associated to the biggest names. RDS-Tools empowers businesses of all sizes to optimise their IT operations while staying within budget.

Conclusion on Safe and Simple Remote Support for RDS

In the realm of remote support and screen sharing, RDS-Remote Support stands out as the ideal solution for MSPs, IT professionals and IT administrators. Its secure remote access can also be combined with RDS-Tools monitoring and cyber-security software. With or without these, its features and fluidity make it a valuable asset in any IT environment. By choosing RDS-Remote Support as their remote support and screen control solution, Microsoft IT professionals of all boards can unlock the full potential of their remote access and ensure seamless collaboration, enhanced productivity and superior user satisfaction for themselves and their customers and clients.

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