Executive Summary: Olivier Benoit takes great pleasure in announcing the general availability of RDS-Tools products, to serve the needs of RDS Administrators. After years of investment in R&D, the RDS-Tools Development Team is proud to offer four brand new technologies which will revolutionize your Remote Desktop and Terminal Services usage. With RDS-Tools, you possess the best and easy to use solution to efficiently deploy the ever-increasing power of today’s Microsoft Windows systems.

Simple and Powerful

RDS-Tools is the "Must Have" Microsoft Windows system's companion tool box.Discover 4 Remote Desktop server-based products which will ease the access and the security of your Windows servers :

  • RDS-WebAccess: a Remote Desktop Web Portal based on HTML5 RDP client;Just use Safari, Firefox or Chrome to start a Remote Desktop session.
  • RDS-Print: the perfect and costless alternative to ThinPrint.Remote Printing has never been so easy, you must try it!
  • RDS-Knight: your Windows servers are under threats. Prevent cyber-criminals to destroy your data with 5 great features and ruggedize your users profiles.
  • Server Genius: monitor your RDS servers, create alarms and manage your users activity with graphical production reports.

Easy to Install and to Use

RDS-Tools products are designed to be easy to understand and to deploy.With only few steps, you will set up such valuable tools within minutes. Regardless today's IT complexity, the deployment of the RDS-Tools is a snap. You don't need to be an expert or to read 800 pages of technical book, neither to waste time in configuration, drivers, or settings. In a word: the RDS-Tools are perfectly designed to change the life of all Windows RDS administrators.


Don't fear anymore for your online security! The RDS-Tools protect you at all time; using special protocols and encryptions to keep your server's information, personal and sensitive data safe. No hacker can steal your identity or intercept your connection.


Try RDS-Tools software; it is cost effective and affordable. With any and each of these valuable products, you own the keys to better control your Windows features and Remote Desktop server resources, as well as to enhance your security parameters. RDS-Tools gives you the power to enforce good practices and overtake your user satisfaction!


The RDS-Tools are a "Must Have". They will help you to improve your business performance by optimizing both your employees collaboration and your servers efficiency. They are THE solutions to increase your Windows administration activity from anywhere, at anytime.We invite you to discover without delay all the range of RDS-Tools products, expertise tools adapted to Windows Terminal Services. Visit the website : https://www.rds-tools.comAbout RDS-ToolsSince 1996, RDS-Tools has specialized in remote-access technology, continuously expanding its experience and expertise in deployments of all sizes – as large as 35,000 concurrent users.With the emergence of DSL, cable, and fiber optic Internet communications, anyone can publish Windows applications and web-enable them to share legacy resources across their internal LAN or throughout the world via the web. RDS-tools provides the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective tools available to assist you in this task. For any questions, comments, suggestions or sales inquiries please send us an e-mail at sales@rds-tools.com.

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