Since its initial release as a stand-alone security solution in 2017, RDS-knight has evolved into a reliable and easy to use cyber security multi-tool. With the 4.5 version released last month, RDS-Knight provides further customizable settings for a protection adapted to every need.

In the wrong hands, RDP can be a powerful weapon that enables a threat actor to bypass defenses and launch a serious cyberattack. At the same time, viruses designed for broad attacks are being replaced by customized malware that can target specific companies or individuals. 

The solution is a customized security shield to efficiently protect corporate servers and data, such as RDS-Knight, a security program which offers multiple customizable layers of protection for RDS servers.  

RDS-Knight’s seven powerful features can be deployed and managed with just a few clicks.The smart interface gives administrators powerful security tools – all in one place:  from access control and session restriction tools to automated attack defense, ransomware protection and Windows permissions’ management for folders, registry and printers (since version 4.5)

RDS-Knight 4.5 version- Permissions
RDS-Knight V4.5 Introduces Permissions’ management for Registry and Printers!

This tool offers a wide range of settings for all needs, and is available in two editions for businesses of all sizes. 

RDS-Knight Version 4.5 Allows Further Customization

RDS-Knight helps improve network’ security by providing a clear, real-time security event log and centralized IP address management which allow the Administrator to easily evaluate and set the right level of protection. 

The Ultimate Edition of RDS-Knight includes extra functionality that lets the administrator follow up on the security alerts and take action from within the RDS-Knight environment. 

With the 4.5 release, RDS-Knight offers wider customization options, all accessible from the Advanced Settings tab.  For example, the built-in firewall which increases  RDS-Knight’s compatibility with industry-standard antivirus options, has been further enhanced with a setting to automatically unblock IP addresses after a certain amount of time. 

To save on memory and bandwidth consumption and allow the best performance, it’s also now possible to define a Data Retention Policy for the Event Log history. 

New setting under the Product tab: 
The Data Retention Policy.

Check the changelog to stay informed about the latest developments.

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