Following the recent update of RDS-WebAccess to Version 12, the newest version of RDS-Knight has been released. Like the RDS -WebAccess release, RDS-Knight comes with newly redesigned User Interface. Based on the same smart and easy to use design, the new RDS-Knight interface offers greatly improved experience and feature sets for both Users and Administrators. Keep reading to discover all the new benefits RDS-Knight Version 4 has to offer.

RDS-Knight V4 Offers Neat and Professional User Experience

Since its initial release as a stand-alone security solution in 2017, RDS-knight has evolved into a reliable and easy-to-use cyber security multi-tool. RDS-knight offers up to 6 powerful security tools that can be deployed and managed with just a few clicks. Using the common design language introduced with RDS-WebAccess Version 12, RDS-Knight V4 is not only a great solution on its own, full integration with RDS-WebAccess provides a secure, total package remote access solution.

Like RDS-WebAccess 12, RDS-Knight Version 4 has a new admin tool. Rebuilt from the ground up and modernized, the RDS-Knight Admin tool gives administrators powerful security tools - all in one place.

RDS-Knight V4 Homepage
RDS-Knight V4 displays a brand-new design!

New menu placement and organization makes deployment and management a snap. The new interface is larger and easier to read. All top level management features are displayed in a menu bar on the left side of the Admin Tool. The three most visible changes are -

  • Updated Homepage:  The new Home screen presents a dashboard that clearly shows the basic operational status of RDS-Knight. Displayed front and center on the Home screen are the five most recent security events, displayed in red or green. This gives Administrators the opportunity to see small problems before they can become big problems. At the bottom of the screen, Administrators will find version information, ensuring that RDS-Knight is always up to date.
  • IP Address Management: IP addresses management has been made easier! Starting with RDS-Knight V4, all IP addresses which should be either ignored or blocked by Homeland and BruteForce protections are listed in one single place. A convenient search bar provides search capabilities based on all information provided (date, status, address). Administrators are now able to perform actions on several selected IP addresses with a single click (such as to unblock and add to whitelist) as well as to add meaningful descriptions.
  • Settings: This tab is divided in three sections - Users, Apps and Advanced. It provides an easy way to manage advanced settings. It gives direct access to User and Application whitelists: These whitelists allow certain users and applications to be exempted from specific security rules. Additional securitiy options can be selected in the  “Advanced” category, such as enabling BruteForce protection for HTML5 service.

A step further in auditing system security

RDS-Knight Version 4 is not just about a new look. New features have been added and there are more on the way!

The new enhanced Event Viewer displays the last 2500 security events. This gives administrators easy access to historic security events and is a great tool for back-tracing problems or security concerns. The development team has also introduced a right-click menu to perform quick actions on events, such as copying the event message or unblocking an IP address.

This is the perfect way to test and observe - in real-time - RDS-Knight’s powerful defensive job to keep servers secure!

The evolution of RDS-Knight doesn’t end here. In the coming weeks there will be more announcements and updates as RDS-Knight receives updated reporting tools and Alert options! Stay tuned and subscribe to the Newsletter!

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